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International Business Graduate Certificate

The International Business certificate exposes students to issues in global business, such as cultural differences in management and business practices, economic, political, and regulatory constraints to business practices, differences in customer and market characteristics, etc. A sound understanding of these principles becomes increasingly important as one moves up the career ladder, into more managerial and administrative roles.

This certificate will help students to leverage their deep technical, clinical, or creative background for success in the world of global business. It will teach them research and analytic techniques for managing individual and organizational performance in global business.



The certificate is made up of 12 semester credits, consisting of one core course (2 semester credits) and four to five elective courses (10 semester credits).

Course Number

Course Titles

Credit Hours

CORE  (2 semester credit hours required):
MGMT 7017 Managing Across Cultures2
ELECTIVES (10 semester hours required):
ENTR 7025Global Entrepreneurship3
FIN 7055International Finance                   
MGMT 7015Corporate Responsibility and Business Ethics2
MGMT 7089 International Competitiveness3
MGMT 7031Strategic Alliances3
MKTG 7031International Marketing for Managers2
OM 7044Global Operations Strategy2
OM 7083Supply Chain Strategy and Analysis2
INTB 8002Study Abroad – Linz-Prague2
INTB 8003Study Abroad – Doing Business in Chile2
INTB 8004Study Abroad – China2
INTB 8005Study Abroad France-Spain: Doing Business in Europe2

The electives listed above represent the typical set from which most students will choose. But they are not meant to be exhaustive. Students may also be permitted, with the approval of the Program Director, to substitute another appropriate course.

To learn more about this certificate, please contact:

Larry Gales
Academic Director for International Programs; Associate Professor of Management
508 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Jason Dickman
Director, Graduate Recruiting & MBA Engagement
606 Carl H. Lindner Hall