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Health Care Operations Graduate Certificate

The demand for healthcare professionals trained in policy and regulation is on the rise.  As the health care landscape becomes increasingly complex, the need for skilled professionals who are able to evaluate the impact of different programs and policies on the health of individuals and populations is critical. This certificate offers an understanding of how the law applies to the health care system while equipping you with the skills of organizing, managing and regulating the delivery of health care services.


The Health Care Operations certificate is interdisciplinary and jointly delivered by UC's College of Allied Health and the Lindner College of Business.The curriculum includes three core courses (8-9 semester credits) and one elective course (3-4 semester credits), depending on program affiliation and prior background.

Course Number

Course Titles

Credit Hours

Core (8-9 semester credit hours required):

HCA 7001

Health Systems Administration: Organization and Delivery


OM 7022 (or HCA 7041)
Healthcare Operations Management2
HCA 7041 (or OM 7022)Health Quality 1: Evidence-Based Decision Making for Managers3
OM 7042
Health Care Quality 2: Total Quality Management3
ELECTIVES (3-4 semester hours required):
FIN 7021
Health Care Finance 1: Analysis
FIN 7022
Health Care Finance 2: Decision Making
HCA 7002Health Systems Management 2: Principles of Leadership3
ECON 7021Health Care Marketplace 1: Health Economics3
MGMT 7022Health Care Marketplace 2: Strategic Success3
OM 7022Health Care Operations Management2
HCA 7031Health Policy 1: Health Policy & Regulation3
HCA 7032Health Policy 2: Legal & Ethical Issues3
HCA 7033Global Health Systems3
HCA 7041Health Quality 1:  Evidence-Based Decision Making for Managers3
HI 7010
Health Information, IS and Technology

The electives listed above represent the typical set from which most students will choose. Students may be able to choose other electives to match specific career goals, with the approval of the Program Director.

To learn more about this certificate, please contact:

BJ Zirger
Associate Dean of On-Line Education
102 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Jason Dickman
Director, Graduate Recruiting & MBA Engagement
606 Carl H. Lindner Hall