Business Foundations Certificate


Knowledge of business can be a competitive advantage for individuals in virtually all professions, including medicine, pharmacy, music, architecture, engineering, and many others. This is true both for current students engaged in their initial job searches, and professionals who find themselves increasingly dealing with business related issues.

This certificate provides a foundation in key business disciplines such as accounting, finance, marketing, and management. The certificate is deliberately designed with maximum flexibility to allow students to tailor the program to their individual interests and career needs.



The certificate includes three core courses (6 semester credits) and 2–3 elective courses (6 semester credits).

  Course No. Course Title Credit Hours


6 credits

ACCT 7000 Foundations in Accounting 2
FIN 7000 Foundations in Finance 1
MGMT 7000 Organizations 2
MKTG 7000 Marketing Foundations 1


6 credits

ACCT 7012 Accounting for Managerial Decisions 3
BA 7010 Corporate Law & Social Responsibility 2
BANA 7011 Data Analysis 2
BANA 7012 Decision Modeling 3
ECON 7000 Foundations in Economics 2
ECON 7020 Managerial Economics 2
FIN 7014 Financial Management 3
IS 7011 Information & Technology Management 2
MGMT 7014 Leadership & Organizations 2
MKTG 7011 Marketing for Managers 2
OM 7011 Management of Operations 2

The electives listed above represent the typical set from which most students will choose. Students may be able to choose other electives to match specific career goals, with the approval of the Program Director.

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