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Echo 360 Opt-In Opportunity for 2nd 7 Weeks of Spring Semester


The Lindner College of Business is reaching out to inquire about your participation in the Echo 360 lecture capture service for your second seven week class.  This service is an opt-in only application and we will need you to respond to this email to confirm your participation.  This software will be used to replace the current Lecture Capture system also known as PodCast Producer. Echo 360 fully integrates with the online Blackboard (Bb) Learning Management System to improve student engagement before, during, and after class. The integrated real-time data and powerful analytics included in Echo 360 also allows real-time feedback that can be used to enhance student success.

Why use Echo 360?

·         Features student and class-specific learning analytics to give you better insight of how your lecture captures are being used.

·         Produces reliable, high quality lectures that can work on any device.

·         Like Podcast Producer, Echo 360 automatically schedules and uploads lecture recordings to the Bb Learning Management System for student review.

·         Provides high quality study and review materials to increase student learning outcomes.

How do I Opt-In and Get Started?

To participate in the Echo 360 Lecture Capture System, follow the steps below:

·         Step 1: Navigate to:

·         Step 2: Download the Course Opt-In Excel Spreadsheet. After downloading the sheet, save the sheet to your Desktop, select the courses and section numbers you wish to record in the sheet, and indicate whether or not you will be creating Meta Courses in Blackboard.

·         Step 3: Click the Opt In link on the Echo 360 website and compose an email to the LCB Service Desk requesting the courses and section numbers you would like captured during the Spring 2016 semester.

Please include the following information in your email:

1.      Name

2.      UC Email Address

2.      Contact Phone Number ( Please provide a cell phone number if you will not be in your office.)

3.      Updated Course Opt-In Excel Spreadsheet listing the courses you would like to have captured

4.      Indicate whether or not you will be creating Meta Courses in Blackboard


Example Email:

Professor Holmes

Office: 513-556-XXXX  Cell: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Please see the attached Course Opt-In Excel Spreadsheet listing the courses to be captured.

I will not be creating Meta Courses in Blackboard.

·         Step 4:  After the email has been sent, click the Implementation Instructions link on the website for instructions on how to create an Echo 360 tab in your Blackboard Course.  This tab will allow students to access the Echo 360 recordings.

·         Step 5: Once you have completed step 1 – 4, nothing further is required from you and your class will be automatically recorded.

If you require assistance regarding this new tool or the process for opting in, please contact the LCB Service Desk at .


Click Here for Instructions on How To Make Echo360 Lecture Videos Available to Your Students in Blackboard