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Kolodzik Business Scholars

Drive your future.


Mission: The Kolodzik Business Scholars are a community of students that capitalize on the opportunities both in the university and professional setting, surpassing expectations fueled by administrative support.  KBS students are highly self-motivated to become specialized in their field of interest, to pursue the highest academic standards, and to enhance their reputation.  Building a more creative and collaborative network in Cincinnati and extending globally is a fused ambition of the KBS Community.  The flexibility of the KBS program allows energized, enthusiastic students to be innovative in creating their own career path and a well-rounded university experience.

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Values: The Kolodzik Business Scholars Program stresses the following interwoven values within a culture that permeates our students, faculty and staff and that is nurtured through thoughtful selection, modeling, communications and recognition: 

  • Empowerment - We make our own futures. We value choice, creativity and     
    individuality, seeking continuous personal improvement and lifelong learning.
    By leveraging our resources, we constantly expand our capabilities and our     
  • Passion - We love what we do.Excellence is fueled by our drive and dedication.
    We personify a "can-do" spirit; confident in our ability to cope with challenges,
    adapt to changes, and tap into opportunities as they arise. 
  • Community - We are teammates. Interdependence allows us to teach/learn
    from, help/be helped by, and value/be valued by our support network. We
    respect our own and others' unique contributions, energizing higher
    performance for all.


The application process for business honors has changed. There is no longer a separate application. To be considered for the Lindner Honors-PLUS program or the Kolodzik Business Scholar program, your University of Cincinnati application must be submitted by December 1.

The freshman application for admission to the University of Cincinnati will serve as the application to the Lindner College of Business business honors programs - Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS and Marvin P. Kolodzik Business Scholars.  Previously all the information for business honors was collected in a separate business honors application.  This information is now all collected through the UC freshman application which is exclusively The Common Application.


All freshman business applicants with a completed University of Cincinnati freshman admission application submitted no later than December 1, 2013 will be considered for business honors.  When completing the supplemental application to The Common Application for UC, include business (any major or undesignated) as your first preference.

There aren't specific criteria for automatic admission or denial into Business Honors (LH+, KBS) programs because applicants are screened on academics and admitted based on their complete profile.  Applicants meeting the Cincinnatus criteria for Lindner Business will be competitive in the business honors admission process.  Each business honors applicant is required to be a Cincinnatus Scholar.  

To be considered for the Cincinnatus scholarship, freshman applicants must have submitted a complete University of Cincinnati freshman admission application no later than December 1.  Criteria for the Cincinnatus scholarship program varies each year.  The current freshmen business Cincinnatus scholars all have a GPA > 3.2 AND have an ACT composite > 26 (SAT total > 1170 w/o the writing component) OR are in the top 5% official rank of their high school class."