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Send us photos of your organization to be used in Lindner marketing materials!

Below are tips on how to capture high quality photos.

  • Use a nice camera. If using a camera phone make sure the settings are set to capture high resolution images.
  • Pay attention to lighting - make sure there is enough light and that it is not too dark to capture a good photo.
  • Avoid having food – especially half-eaten plates – and drinks in the photo.
  • Focus on capturing small groups of people.
  • Stage photos with everyone looking toward the camera and smiling.

Please send photos, signed talent release forms and any questions to:

If you prefer to send photos via Drop Box - send us an email and we can give you access to a folder where you can upload images.


All students shown in the photo (with the exception of large groups/crowds) must sign a UC Talent Release (available below).

* UC Talent Release.doc
Release forms (must be submitted)