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Course Evaluations

The Lindner College of Business utilizes the University of Cincinnati's online course evaluation system, CoursEval, that can be found at

Faculty - We ask you to encourage student participation in the online course evaluation process. Course Evaluations are important because they are:

  • conducted every term for every course offered in the Lindner College of Business. Course Evaluations provide instructors with timely feedback about how their course is received by students. The comment boxes allow students to indicate suggestions for improving the course, which may be helpful to the instructor.
  • used in the Annual Performance Review conducted for each Faculty member and Instructor every year.
  • utilized in Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure (RPT) decisions by the Department committee, the Department Chair, the College committee and the Dean.
  • a critical component of merit recommendations.

Given the importance of collecting the best possible data, the Teaching Committee has established the following guidelines:

  • Instructors may view participation rates while the survey is active but they cannot see any results, comments or participant names. This allows the Instructor to monitor participation rates while continuing to encourage students to complete the survey.
    • Instructors can increase participation rates by:
      • reminding students in class,
      • sending emails to the students,
      • posting a note on your Blackboard message board, and
      • assigning time during class for students to complete the survey using their laptop.
  • Students who drop the course and have an assigned grade of "W" will not receive a course survey.
  • The Evaluation Period for first and second half and full term classes are shown below.  The Lindner Teaching Committee provides guidance on the timing of evaluation periods.
  • The Evaluation Period has been established to make sure that students will not see their final grades before they complete the evaluations. Note: It is university policy that no final exams may be given during the final week of classes, regardless of whether the exam is cumulative or not.
  • The date the evaluation may be viewed by the instructor is shown below and is typically the day after grades are due for the semester.  This schedule ensures that Instructors cannot see evaluation results until after final grades are submitted. The timely delivery of this data allows Instructors to review their evaluations prior to the beginning of the next term.

Further information regarding CoursEval at the University of Cincinnati can be found on the Faculty Technology Resources Center site.

Assistance with interpreting the results of the evaluation can be found in the document, Quick Guide for CoursEval:

* Quick-Guide-for-CoursEval.pdf
Quick Guide for CoursEval Recommendations and Results

2185 - SUMMER

SUMMER 1st Half-Term Evaluation DatesDate Evaluations Available to Instructor
Wednesday, June 6th - Tuesday, June 19thThursday, August 9th
SUMMER 2nd Half & Full Term Evaluation DatesDate Evaluations Available to Instructor
Sunday, July 22nd - Saturday, August 4thThursday, August 9th

2188 - FALL

FALL 1st Half-Term Evaluation DatesDate Evaluations Available to Instructor
Wednesday, October 3rd - Tuesday, October 16thThursday, December 20th
SPRING 2nd Half & Full Term Evaluation DatesDate Evaluations Available to Instructor
Sunday, December 2nd - Saturday, December 15thThursday, December 20th