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Family Business Certificate courses

The Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati offers a certificate in Family Business to its undergraduate students. In partnership with the Goering Center, the courses making up the certificate are now being made available on a limited basis to non-UC students (i.e. non-matriculated students) beginning in the 2013 fall semester on the Clifton campus. This is a very unique opportunity, as individuals enrolled will earn undergraduate college credit for successful completion of each of the courses. UC is one of only two universities in the US offering such an opportunity for family firm personnel, and clearly the only local university.

The initial target market for these non-matriculated students includes family members, both working and non-working in the family firm, non-family employees/managers, and children of family firms attending college elsewhere who may wish to take these courses during their summer break. The 3 credit hour semester courses include a course in the unique management issues faced in family and private firms, a course designed to cover all the important financial issues faced by such firms, a course in the legal aspects involved in private firms, and finally a choice of an entrepreneurship elective. Once enrolled, the non-matriculated student may choose to take only one course of interest, or pursue all four for a certificate in family business. All courses are offered once per week in the evenings on the Clifton campus to allow working people to more easily participate.

Because of limited seats available, priority will be given to Goering Center members desiring to take courses, but everyone is encouraged to apply. For more information, please refer to the following FAQ’s.       

Frequently Asked Questions about the Family Business Certificate courses for individuals currently not enrolled at the University of Cincinnati:

What courses make up the Family Business Certificate?

Three courses are required for the certificate plus one elective. The required courses include: ENTR 4010- Management of Closely-held and Family Business, ENTR 4060- Financial Management in Privately Held Firms, and BLAW 4035- Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship. The additional course is an elective that may be taken from the existing Entrepreneurship course offerings. Of particular relevance would be the ENTR 5010 – Corporate Entrepreneurship course.

Who may take these courses?

Any adult may take these courses. Once the applicant is accepted by Dr. Barton, the Director of the Certificate program, you may enroll in the courses you desire to take. You do not have to be a current student in the University of Cincinnati.

Who should take these courses and why?

It is recommended that anyone involved in a family firm who wishes to understand better how to manage, work in, own, or offer services to a family firm would benefit from taking these courses. This could be family members working in the business or preparing to enter, as well as non-family employees and managers.  

What are the pre-requisites?

There are no formal pre-requisites for admission to the program. However, some exposure to business education or relevant working experience will be helpful. (See the How do I apply? answer below for more information.)

Where are they offered?

Starting in the fall semester of 2013, classes will be offered at Lindner Hall on the University of Cincinnati campus.

How much do they cost?

Tuition is the same as what current UC undergraduates pay. For in-state students, the cost is roughly $1,500 for a 3 credit hour semester course.

How do I apply?

On the Goering Center website (, follow the application link and the instructions supplied under the Family Business Certificate program section for an application.

When are the courses offered?

Courses are all offered once per week in the evenings from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Refer to the Family Business Certificate program section on the Goering Center website for a schedule of courses offered in 2013-2014 (

Do I have to take all the courses if I am accepted into the program?

No. You may take any of the courses you like, but you will only earn a certificate if you take all 4 courses.

Is priority given to applicants from firms who are Goering Center members?

Yes. Because these courses are offered to UC students as well as non-matriculated students, seats in the classes are limited. Obviously, current UC students receive priority. However, in filling the remaining seats, members of the Goering Center will have priority over non-Goering members.

May students enrolled in other universities take these courses?

Yes. In fact, we envision students of family firms who return home for summer semester and are working during the day, may desire to take one or more courses during the summer. We suggest that students may want to transfer these courses for credit in their home University. Depending on the field of study, their home university may count these courses toward their degree. This will vary with the circumstance of each student, but could be an added bonus for such students.

When can applications be submitted?

Applications may be submitted immediately.


Instructions for applying to take the Family Business Certificate courses:

Click on the  URL shown below to apply. Important note: Ignore the first page of instructions for regular non-matriculated students found at this address. Fill out the second page data form, copy it and fax it to Dr. Sid Barton at 513-556-4891. He will review the application and notify you of the status of your application. Once approved, the Registrar’s office will contact you by email with your new UC ID and a username necessary for online registration. A special enrollment packet will also be emailed with specific certificate requirements and information on accessing the online registration/fee payment information available via the One Stop UC website.

To begin enrollment, refer to the instructions shown immediately above and click on the following link or paste into your browser:


UPCOMING COURSES AVAILABLE:  Please contact Dr. Sidney Barton at