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Professionals at the Goering Center

The Goering Center is dedicated to our Core Members - family and private businesses in the region - as well as Associate Members, who serve family businesses. We also welcome Corporate Partners who wish to support our mission.

Goering Center Programs

Programs at the Goering Center include 16 single day events with topics focused on the concerns of regional businesses. These programs guide members through successful transitions, develop future leaders, help with strategic planning and more.

Graydon Head

When you need support, our Professional Services Registry (PSR) helps you identify service providers accross many areas of expertise.

Reds FBA

Reds Family Business Day

On June 12th the Goering Center celebrates this annual event at the Cincinnati Reds’ Great American Ball Park to honor the impact family and private businesses make on our growing economy. Get tickets 

Aileron Course for Presidents

On August 2 and 3, explore Aileron's professional Management System and learn how you can put it work for your business. Register