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BIOSTART is a world-class life science start-up center with two distinguishing focus areas … catalyst and community. For over a decade this dual focused approach has benefited clients, the region and state by transforming technology into products that are advanced to market by sustainable businesses. BIOSTART builds life science companies that create jobs, products that improve health and quality of life and wealth for the community.

Carol J. Frankenstein is President of BIOSTART and applies her 20+ years of strategic planning, health care management, organizational development and P&L experience to mentor life science entrepreneurs. Under her leadership, clients have generated over $180 M in grant, research contract and equity investments. She founded or co-founded a variety of educational programs for entrepreneurs including business plan writing for life science companies, SBIR Success!, SoundingBoard and Cincinnati Creates Companies.       

If you would like more information about becoming a BIOSTART client, please click here or call Carol directly at 513-475-6610.