Lindner Professional Experience FAQs


Co-Op Questions


Q: How do I co-op as a Lindner student?

A: You will work with Lindner Career Services (LCS) in 607 Lindner Hall to participate in multiple rotations of paid, full-semester professional co-op experiences. In addition, LCS can help you explore one-time internships, and/or part-time work within your field of choice.


Q: How can I learn more about my professional experience options?

A: You can register for BA 2080, Career Success Strategies for the fall if you have not already taken PD 1001, Introduction to Co-op for Business.


Q: How do I search for business co-op positions?

A: Click here for instructions on How to Search for a Business Co-op Position on HireUC.


Q: If I am currently on co-op and will be seeking co-op in the fall, do I work with the Division of Professional Practice and Experiential Learning (ProPEL) or Lindner Career Services? or Who do I work with if I am planning my first co-op in the fall?

A: All Lindner students seeking co-op, internship and part-time opportunities for fall semester and beyond will work with Lindner Career Services.


Q: I was planning to take PD 1001, Introduction to Co-op for Business, should I still take this course?

No, Lindner students will take BA 2080, Career Success Strategies, which focuses on exploring varied career paths, sharpening job search skills, and preparing for Lindner Professional Experiences. If you have already completed PD 1001, you do not need to take BA 2080.


Q: Who do I work with to explore an international professional experience?

A: ProPEL will continue to assist students seeking International Co-op opportunities. Please utilize LCS as an additional resource.


Q: Who do I contact if I have questions?

A: Please contact Lindner Career Services at 513-556-5147 or at


Q: I hope to transfer/transition into Lindner, how can I best take advantage of Lindner Professional Experiences?

A: Once you join Lindner, the flexibility and variety of Lindner Professional Experiences will provide you time and choices for gaining professional experience (co-op, internship, full- and part-time options). Admitted students can learn more about these options through Lindner orientation, as well as the new course BA 2080, Career Success Strategies.


Q: I am not in the Lindner College of Business, but do have a business minor, with whom do I work?

A: You will work with ProPEL for your co-op or internship support depending on your major, and with the UC Career Development Center for other professional support. LCS is only available to majors within the Lindner College of Business, as their curriculum, advising and college fees are tightly linked to this support and related experiences.