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Academic Programs - Information Systems

The UC IS department offers educational programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels that prepare individuals to pursue highly successful careers in Information Systems.


We offer both a Major in Information Systems and a Concentration in Information Systems.

Students choosing the Major will take IS 2090 (Web Development with .net) plus 6 additional courses covering the various dimensions of information systems such as Business Process Modeling, Database Design, and IT Architecture. This will provide a strong technical foundation and ideal preparation to function at the intersection of technology and business, and to grapple with, understand, and exploit the opportunities and challenges associated with the digital economy.

Students choosing the minor will take IS 2090 plus any 3 other courses in IS. The minor in IS is an ideal choice for those majoring in some other functional discipline, but interested in learning about and leveraging information technology to further their careers.


At the graduate level, the IS Department offers a Master of Science in Information Systems (MS-IS). The MS-IS can be completed either full-time or part-time. A flexible innovative curriculum accommodates students with diverse educational backgrounds and work experiences. With a comprehensive and well-planned set of courses, the MS-IS curriculum covers all important aspects of IS. Experience-based learning is an integral component of the MS-IS. Co-op opportunities provide full-time students a chance to acquire practical knowledge and establish or further their  careers in the leading companies of the region. Part-time students engage in faculty supervised projects that translate classroom concepts into cutting edge solutions in their own companies, bringing immediate and tangible rewards to both the student and the company.


Doctor of Philosophy in Business, concentration in Information Systems.  For additional information see the following link:

Or contact: Professor Craig Froehle (Phone: 513-556-7174, E-mail: