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Professional Selling

Professional Selling involves the use of techniques and processes aimed at growing a business through relationship building and generation of sales. These professionals use their strengths in customer research, presentation, and negotiation to achieve corporate goals for sales and profits.

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1. Consider a Sales Minor

2. Join Sales Leadership Club

3. Try out for the Varsity Sales Team or participate in sales competitions

4. Consider a Sales Certificate

5. Join UC American Marketing Association

Top Hiring Companies

AXA Advisors
DHL Express
The Habegger Corporation
The Kellogg Company
Legion Logistics
Northwestern Mutual
Prograde, Inc.
Reynolds & Reynolds
Total Quality Logistics
Staples, Inc.
Bridge Logistics
Protective Life
The Kraft Heinz Company
SC Johnson

Sales and Marketing Practices: "They're Blending"

Hear from Baylor University Professor, Executive Director of the Center for Professional Selling, Andrea Dixon on why many Fortune 100 companies won't hire college graduates for marketing roles if they don't have a Sales background.

B-2-B Marketing Trends That Will Define 2016

“I think a lot of people had the wrong expectations with social media,” Durant says. “I think a lot of B-to-B marketers thought it was going to be a lead generation tool. It’s going to be very much on the customer service side. From a branding standpoint, it’s a very important top-of-mind [service].” (Brooke, 2016)

Find out what other trends will control in the industry in 2016. 

Industry Leaders
  • Forrester
  • Dan McDade
  • Jason Jordan