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Carl H. Lindner College of Business

Consumer Insights

Consumer & Marketing Knowledge:
Conduct research studies, surveys, interviews, and observations to provide insights into your consumers

Research Analyst:
Assist with the execution of marketing research studies by compiling, analyzing, and interpreting marketing research data

Shopper Marketing:
Consumer Insights and Marketing Research professionals provide the information, analysis, and recommendations necessary to help companies succeed in meeting their organizational goals and objectives. They are involved in the planning, execution, analysis, and reporting of a variety of qualitative and quantitative data that are used to support recommended actions to grow an organization.

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1. Join UC American Marketing Association

2. Consider a Marketing Research Certificate

3. Consider a Business Analytics Minor

4. Consider a Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology Minor

Top Hiring Companies

The Kroger Co.
Norstar International

The Changing Value of Data

"Today’s smartphone is central to the process, across industries and markets that draw on newly available data and use it to deliver service and value to consumers. As more sectors of commerce are influenced and controlled by apps, it suggests that marketing insights must increasingly address the role of apps." (Wyner, 2016)

Find how companies like Uber and Airbnb are changing the value and flow of information.