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Brand Management

Brand Management professionals focus on the planning and execution of activities and initiatives that grow brand awareness, preference, and profits.They use consumer insights, marketplace data, and sales forecasts to analyze and evaluate brand performance, and interact with all areas of manufacturing, supply chain, and related business functions to ensure brands continually meet the needs of consumers.

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1. Watch modules to keep skills current

2. Join American Advertising Federation of Cincinnati: (Student memberships available) 

3. Join UC American Marketing Association

4. Consider a Public Relations Certificate

5. Participate in the Digital Dialogue Conference

6. Consider a certificate or courses from the Digital Media Collaborative

Top Hiring Companies

Procter & Gamble

How Marketing Professionals Can Improve Their Online Brand

The growth of social media has triggered the rise of the online brand. But having a presentable, consistent online brand may be rarer than most think....

"If you're not defining your brand, someone else is going to define it for you," says Karen Leland, an author and branding expert. (, 2016) 

How to Create a Signature Brand Story

We call such stories “signature stories” because they represent some form of strategic statement about a mission, values, the brand, customer relationship or strategic intent. Signature stories do this much better than a recitation of facts, which usually ends up sounding not only boring but similar to a host of other firms... 

Interested? Need a real-life example? Hear about L.L Bean's signautre story and find out the four needs to a signature story! 

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  • Sterling Marketing Group