Working Papers


Given the often long lead-time between conducting and publishing research, the Business@UC Working Papers site is a vital means of sharing works-in-progress. For more information on a study or emerging manuscript, please contact the appropriate author.


Elaine Hollensbe, PhD - Associate Professor

  • Identity Elastiity: How Much Can We Change and Still Be "Us"? (with Kreiner, G.E., Sheep, M.L., Smith, B.E., & Kataria, N. Under first review at Administrative Science Quarterly.
  • Emotion Shape-Shifting: A Study of Emotion Transitions at Work; with Glen Kreiner and Mathew Sheep.
  • “Tearing the Fabric” or “Weaving the Tapestry”? A Discursive Psychology Approach to the Culture-Identity Interface; with Mathew Sheep and Glen Kreiner.


Charles H. Matthews, PhD - Professor and Exec. Director UC Center for Entrepreneurship

  • Khayat, I. & Matthews, C., "Cognitive and Demographic Factors Influencing the Export Intentionality of Nascent Entrepreneurs.”
  • Schenkel, M. & Matthews, C., “Resources and venture growth expectations: Is more always better?”
  • Matthews, C., Ford, M., and Human, S. “From Credit Cards to Venture Capital: Financing Complexity and Planning Sophistication in Nascent Ventures.”
  • Matthews, C., Ford, M., and Baucus, M. “Strategic Cognitions of the Entrepreneur and Planning Formality in Nascent Firms: An Empirical Study.”
  • Lonier, T. & Matthews, C. “Measuring the Impact of Social Networks on Entrepreneurial Success: The Master Mind Principle.”
  • Matthews, C., Ford, M., and Baucus, M. “To Plan or Not to Plan: Is That Really the Question?”