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The Analytic Finance Academy

The Analytic Finance Academy is a new, intensive, quantitative track designed to challenge students and train them to compete for high quality jobs.

The curriculum begins with three specialized, required Finance courses that will be more technical and thorough than our traditional courses with enrollment limited to those with a demonstrated ability to succeed in these intensive courses.  These courses are followed by the opportunity to take three Master’s level electives.  In total, AFA students will take six Finance courses that will deliver an educational experience that provides greater depth, breadth, and quantitative rigor than the traditional undergraduate track.  Another feature is that all of your peers in the AFA will share a similar passion for Finance and a motivation to succeed at a high level.  This program is not meant for everyone, so please seriously consider your objectives before embarking on this path.

The Academy curriculum consists of six courses:

  • Three new Analytic sections of FIN 3080C, FIN 4001, and FIN 4011
  • The opportunity to take three 7000-level FIN electives (AFA students will actually register for the 50XX analog of the 70XX course since undergrads cannot register for 7000-level courses)

Admission to the Academy

  • Approval to take Analytic FIN 3080C (due to status as an honors student - LHP, KBS, or COE - or you received permission from the department by applying to the Finance Undergraduate Program Director - John Phelps). 
  • If you cannot/did not take Analytic FIN 3080C, but received an A- or better in traditional FIN 3080C, then you are eligible to join the Academy and enroll in Analytic FIN 4001 and Analytic FIN 4011. Please contact Prof. Phelps ( or the Department Head, Prof. Hatch (, to be sure that we grant you access to register in OneStop.
  • If you have already taken FIN 3080C, 4001, and 4011, you can be grandfathered into the Academy if you received an A- or better in FIN 3080C and a B+ or better in FIN 4001 and 4011.  Once again, please contact Prof. Phelps or Prof. Hatch to confirm eligibility and receive access to register in OneStop.

Advancement through the Academy

  • You advance through the Academy track based on your performance in the classroom.  If you receive a B or better in Analytic 3080C, then you are eligible for Analytic 4001 and Analytic 4011.
  • Receiving a B or better in Analytic 4001 and Analytic 4011 grants you access to the 5000-level courses.  AFA students will register for FIN 50XX courses, but they will actually be enrolled in 70XX courses with our Master's students

Upon completion of the program, students will become graduates of the Analytic Finance Academy.  While this is not a transcriptable designation, we encourage students to list it on their resume as we envision this designation becoming a valuable branding opportunity.


  • Spring 2015 – start offering Analytic FIN3080C (offer it every semester thereafter)
  • Fall 2015 - Start offering Analytic FIN4001 and Analytic FIN4011 (and continue to offer every fall and spring semester)
  • Spring 2016 - Start offering FIN50XX classes