Selected Publications

As a Carnegie Research I institution, high-impact research plays a prominent role at UC and in the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. This Selected Publications site showcases excellence in faculty research.

David Brasington - James C. and Caroline Kautz Chair in Political Economy

  • Brasington, David M. and Donald R. Haurin (2009). “Parents, Peers, or School Inputs: Which Components of School Outcomes Are Capitalized into House Value?” Regional Science and Urban Economics, 39(5), 523-529.
  • Brasington, David M. and Diane Hite (2005).  “Demand for Environmental Quality: A Spatial Hedonic Analysis,” Regional Science and Urban Economics, 35(1),  57-82.
  • Brasington David M. (2003). “Snobbery, Racism, or Mutual Distaste: What Promotes and Hinders Cooperation in Local Public Good Provision?” Review of Economics and Statistics 85(4), 874-883.
  • Brasington David M. (2002). “Edge Versus Center: Finding Common Ground in the Capitalization Debate,” Journal of Urban Economics, 52(3), 524-541.
  • Brasington David M. (1999). “Joint Provision of Public Goods: The Consolidation of School Districts,” Journal of Public Economics 73(3), 373-393.

Lenisa Chang - Assistant Professor

  • Chang Lenisa  (2016). "The Effect of State Insurance Mandates on Infant Immunization Rates". Health Economics, 25, 372-386.
  • Steven Haider, Lenisa Chang, Jonathan Gold, Tracie Bolton, Beth Olson,  (2014). "An Evaluation of the Effects of a Breastfeeding Support Program on Health Outcomes". Health Services Research, 2017-2034
  • Chris Kelton, Lenisa Chang, Jeff Guo, Yan Yu, Edmund Berry, Boyang Bian, Pamela Heaton,  (2014). "Firm- and Drug-Specific Patterns of Generic Drug Payments by US Medicaid Programs: 1991–2008". Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, 165-177.
  • Kelton, C., Chang, L., and D. Kreling (2013). ``State Medicaid Programs Missed $220 Million in Uncaptured Savings as Generic Fluoxetine came to Market, 2001-05,’’ Health Affairs, 1204-1211.
  • Chang, Lenisa, Olson, Beth, Haider, Steven, Bolton, Tracie, Gold, Jonathan (2010)`` A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of a Breastfeeding Support Program for Low Income Women in Michigan’’, Matern Child Health J., 86-93.

Jeffrey Mills  - Associate Professor

  • Mills, J.,  Williams, N.  (2001). "The Minimum Wage and Teenage Employment:  Evidence from Time Series’’, Applied Economics 33, 285-300.
  • Mills, J., Roy, K., & Williams, N.  (1999). "Recent Minimum Wage Increases and the Minimum Wage Labor Force’’.  Journal of Labor Research XX, 479-492.
  • Mills, J., & Zandvakili, S. (1997). "Statistical Inference via Bootstrapping for Measures of Inequality’’. Journal of Applied Econometrics 12, 133-150.  Reprinted in The Economics of Poverty and Inequality (2002). F. A. Cowell (Ed.). The international Library of Critical Writings in Economics. Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Mills, J. (1992). "Bayesian Prediction Tests for Structural Stability’’. Journal of Econometrics, 52, 381-388.
  • Mills, J., & Prasad, K.  (1992). "A Comparison of Model Selection Criteria’’.  Econometric Reviews 11(2) 201-233.

Hernan Moscoso Boedo - Assistant Professor

  • Boedo, H.M., Pablo D'Erasmo, Ryan Decker,  (2016). Market Exposure and Endogenous Firm Volatility over the Business Cycle. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 148-198.
  • Boedo, H.M., D’Erasmo P. and A. Senkal (2014). “Misallocation, Informality and Human Capital: Understanding the Role of Institutions,” Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 122-142.
  •  Boedo, H.M. and P. D’Erasmo (2012). “Financial Structure, Informality and Development,” Journal of Monetary Economics, 59(3), 286-302.
  •  Boedo, H.M. and T. Mukoyama (2012). “Evaluating the Effects of Entry Regulations and Firing Costs on International Income Differences,” Journal of Economic Growth 17(2), 143-170. 
  •  Boedo, Hernan Moscoso (2010) “Optimal Technology and Development,” Journal of Macroeconomics, 32 (2), 617-634

Debashis Pal - Professor

  • Pal, Debashis, Arup Bose and David Sappington (2016). On the Merits of Antitrust Liability in Regulated Industries. Journal of Law and Economics, 359-392.
  • Pal, Debashis, Arup Bose and David Sappington (2012). ``Extreme screening policies’’, European Economic Review, 56, 1607-1620.
  • Pal, Debashis, Arup Bose and David Sappington  (2010) ``Asymmetric Treatment of Identical Agents in Teams’’, European Economic Review, 54, 947 - 961.
  • Pal, Debashis and Sudesh Mujumdar  (2007) ``Managerial Incentives in a Two Period Cournot Duopoly’’, Games and Economic Behavior, 58 (2), 338-353.
  • Pal, Debashis  (1996) ``Endogenous Stackelberg Equilibria With Identical Firms’’, Games and Economic Behavior 12, 81 - 94.

Olivier Parent - Associate Professor

  • Parent, O., Changjoo Kim. (2016). Modeling individual travel behaviors based on intra-household interactions. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 1-11.
  • Parent, O. and J.P LeSage. (2012)“ Spatial dynamic panel data models with random effects”, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 42, 727–738
  • Parent, O. and J.P LeSage. (2012)“Determinants of Knowledge Production and Their Effects on Regional Economic Growth”, Journal of Regional Science, 52,256-284
  • Parent, O. and J. LeSage (2010). “A Spatial Dynamic Panel Model with Random Effects Applied to Commuting Times”, Transportation Research - Part B, 44, 633-645.
  • Parent, O. and J. LeSage (2008). “Using Constraints on the Variance Structure in the Conditional Autoregressive Specification to Model Knowledge Spillovers”, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 23,235-256.

Mari Roberston - Assistant Professor

  • Robertson Mari,  (2015). ``The Payment Structure of Securitisation: A Signalling Device of Quality’’. International Journal of Financial Markets and Derivatives, 135--162.
  • Robertson Mari (2013). ``The Implications of Credit Risk Transfer,’’ International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance, 6, 325-367.

Iryna Topolyan - Assistant Professor

  • Subhasish Chowdhury, Iryna Topolyan,  (2016). The attack-and-defense group contests: best-shot versus weakest-link. Economic Inquiry, 548-557.
  • Stefano Barbieri, David Malueg, Iryna Topolyan, (2014).  ``Best-shot all-pay (group) auction with complete information” . Economic Theory, 603-640.
  • Topolyan Iryna (2014) ``Rent-seeking for a public good with additive contributions,’’ Social Choice and Welfare, 42,465-476.
  • Topolyan Iryna (2013). ``Existence of perfect equilibria: a direct proof,’’ Economic Theory, 53(3), 697-705
  • Topolyan Iryna and C.D. Aliprantis (2011). ``Trembling-hand myopia and trembling-hand perfection,’’ Economics Letters, 113, 39-41.

Nicolas Williams - Associate Professor, Academic Director MA in Applied Economics

  • Williams, Nicolas (2009) ``Seniority, Experience, and Wages in the UK’’. Labour Economics, 16, 272-283.
  • Williams, Nicolas and Joseph G. Altonji (2005). “Do Wages Rise With Job Seniority? A Reassessment,” Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 58(3), 370-397.
  •  Williams, Nicolas, Jeffrey Mills and Kakoli Roy (1999). “Recent Minimum Wage Increases and the Minimum Wage Labor Force,” Journal of Labor Research 20(4), 479-492.
  •  Williams, Nicolas and Karylee Laird (1996). “Employment Growth in the Temporary Help Supply Industry,” Journal of Labor Research 17(4), 663-681.
  •  Williams, Nicolas (1991). “Reexamining the Wage, Tenure and Experience Relationship,” Review of Economics and Statistics, 73(3) 512-517.

Sourushe Zandvakili, PhD - Professor

  • Zandvakili, Sourushe, Millimet, D.L., Podder, N. and Slottje, D.J. (2003). Bounding Lifetime Income Inequality Using a Cross Section of Data. The Review of Income and Wealth, 49, 205-219.
  • Zandvakili, Sourushe. (1999). Income Inequality among Female Heads of Households: Racial Inequality Reconsidered. Economica, 66, 119-133.
  • Zandvakili, Sourushe and Mills, Jeffrey. (1997). Statistical Inference via Bootstrapping for Measures of Inequality. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 12, 133-150. (Reprinted in Cowell, F.A. (ed.), The Economics of Poverty and Inequality: The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics.)
  • Zandvakili, Sourushe and Maasoumi, E. (1990). Generalized Entropy Measures of Mobility for Different Sexes and Income Levels. Journal of Econometrics, 43, 121-133.
  • Zandvakili, Sourushe and Maasoumi, E. (1986). A Class of Generalized Measures of Mobility with Applications. Economics Letters, 22, 97-102.