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Insurance and Risk Management Scholars Application

Insurance and Risk Management Scholars Program Application and Review Process

To be eligible, a student must be matriculated to the University of Cincinnati, have declared a major or a minor in Insurance and Risk Management, and will have completed the equivalent of 60 semester credit hours of course work (at UC or at another academic institution) by the end of the summer semester prior to the academic year for which the student applies for funding.  A requirement for receiving an internal scholarship is that the applicant has applied for (but need not have received) at least one scholarship from an external source.  

To apply, a student must provide the following:

a. A completed application form (see below).

b. Two letters of recommendation, which address the applicant’s potential for a career in insurance and/or risk management; such letters can be provided by academic and/or industry references. 


Fall semester - September 15, 2017

Spring Semester - January 15, 2018

(scholarship amount awarded beginning the semester applied and selected as recipient)


A scholarship selection committee selected by the Director of the Carl H. Lindner III Center for Insurance and Risk Management will review all applications.  The committee with consists of at least three members, comprising both faculty and staff of the University of Cincinnati; no one employed by a donor firm or the firm of a donor whose gift is the source of funds for the scholarship will interview or serve on the selection committee to a scholarship. 

Applicants may be required to participate in an interview with all or a portion of the selection committee. 

The application for an Insurance and Risk Management Scholars Scholarship consists of the following items:

  1. A cover letter to the selection committee stating why the applicant wants to embark on the study of insurance and risk management and what the applicant hopes to achieve in a career in insurance and/or risk management.  The selection committee will examine the applicant’s current transcript.  If there is anything the applicant would like to tell the selection committee about the applicant’s academic performance to date, this information should be included in the cover letter.
  2. A resume; the resume should provide information on relevant work experience, extra-curricular activities, leadership roles, honors or special achievements, research or special projects/presentations, and participation in any business or related competitions.
  3. A list of all other external Insurance and/or Risk Management Scholarships to which the applicant has applied.
  4. A brief essay (no more than two pages) that describes at least one experience that has influenced how you think about business and management/leadership; explain how your views changed as a result of this experience.  

Applicants can provide these items either in paper or electronic form. 

Electronic applications can be emailed to the Director of the Carl H. Linder III Center for Insurance and Risk Management at

Paper applications should be mailed to

Dr. Steve L. Slezak
Director, Carl H. Lindner III Center for Insurance and Risk Management
Department of Finance
Lindner College of Business
University of Cincinnati
Lindner Hall
2925 Campus Green Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0195

Paper applications may also be delivered by hand to Mary Ann Lorenzen (Room 402, Lindner Hall, Lindner College of Business).