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Meet the Firm

Meet the Firm

Each “Meet the Firm” event consists of 3 or 4 professionals from a single firm discussing his or her specific role with that firm.  The Center has two main goals with these events.  The first goal is to expose students to variety of careers in insurance and risk management; by being able to speak with professionals in different roles, students are better able to decide which roles might suit them best.  The second goal is to let students explore the way in which firms in the industry differentiate themselves in the marketplace, both as a provider of services to customers and as an employer.  The mission and the structure of the featured firms are discussed.  To allow students to learn about the various internship/co-op opportunities, entry-level full-time positions, special educational and/or certification requirements, and the potential for advancement within the firm, professionals representing both the HR function as well as specific functional roles in the firm are featured; these professionals provide details on the day-to-day activities as well as long-range initiatives and challenges facing the firm.


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Meet the Firm




Cincinnati Insurance

September 20th

5-7pm / TUC room 417

Nationwide Insurance

October 12th

5-7pm / TUC room 417

Westfield Insurance

October 24th

5-7pm / TUC room 417


November 7th

5-7pm / TUC room 417


**Please email to rsvp for the Meet the Firm events.