Joseph Creaghead


Joseph is a successful General Manager with over 25 years of experience in leading mid-sized engineering/manufacturing businesses.  He is equally adept with the technical, financial & commercial aspects of running a business. Joseph is a confident leader who quickly gains the respect of customers, peers and followers. A proven problem-solver with the ability to analyze information and situations quickly to achieve a positive outcome from any business situation including; rapid growth, profit improvement, product diversification and market penetration. Contemporary knowledge of international business environments and government contracting.  Joseph is also a strategic thinker with a BS in Engineering and an MBA. Specific areas of demonstrated contribution include:

  • Experienced leadership for a business in transition resulting from ownership change, management turnover, inconsistent past performance or external factors.
  • Consulting expertise in a business to business or manufacturing environment for strategic redirection, growth planning/management, new product or market pursuits, plus process and profit improvement.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Business Strategy (20 years of experience)
    • He has had a full P&L responsibility for 5 manufacturing operations. This included strategic and operating planning.
  • Government Business (15 years of experience)
    • Joseph ran three businesses that were primarily government contractors supplying equipment to the military.
  • Leadership/Management Development (15 years of experience)
    • His management style has always been to develop managers capable of succeeding him in leadership roles.

Industry Experience: 

  • Manufacturing (30 years of experience)
    • Has led 5 businesses that were B to B manufacturers.
  •  Government (15 years of experience)
    • Ran three companies that were primarily serving the US military.
  • Technology (15 years of experience)
    • Each of the companies he ran were dealing with engineered products.

Contact Information:

Joseph Creaghead
(859) 750-7562