Denise Kuprionis


Denise Kuprionis founded The Governance Solutions Group (GSG), as a way to share her 25+ years’ experience inside the corporate boardroom. Her unique sense of board dynamics enables collaboration and consensus. Denise is a former officer and member of the senior management team of a publicly traded media company where her extensive successes were a result of effectively leading and adapting during transformative times. Through GSG’s board advisory practice, Denise shares a practical understanding of how boards work and offers tips on how to adapt good governance process to a client’s unique company. She has been in public, private and nonprofit boardrooms and offers an independent perspective that helps directors address the evolving list of board governance concerns. She helps reenergize boards through a participatory board review process.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Other (20 years of experience)
    • Board governance.  Helping businesses form a board of advisors, add independent directors to their fiduciary boards, formalizing board governance practices.
  • Leadership/Management Development (20 years of experience)
    • Have worked with clients on succession planning, leadership and management development matters.
  • Legal (20 years of experience)

Industry Experience: 

  • Consulting (6 years of experience)
    •  A part of the consutling (board advisory) business.
  • Restaurant/Hospitality (5 years of experience)
    •  Serves on the board of advisors of a concierge business.
  • Media (20 years of experience)
    • Prior to starting their business, they were in the media and publishing business.

Contact Information:

Denise Kuprionis
(513) 272-8500