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Intrapreneurship: Empowered to Innovate

Intrapreneurship: Empowered to Innovate

Past Events

March 2017

Can you do the work of the future with a 20th century structure? Are you hung up measuring worker productivity when you could be celebrating results? Attendees learned how local businesses are deploying the “three Cs” - culture, connectivity, and cybersecurity - to help individuals, teams and entire workforces work smarter.

In her inspiring keynote, Donatos' CEO Jane Grote Abell shared the story of a classic American family business. Jane told how they grew a small pizza shop on the Southside of Columbus into a company that eventually sold to the biggest restaurant company in the world – McDonald's – before buying it back to reclaim their treasured culture.

February 2017

What are the leading indicators that can impact your business in the years ahead? With over 94.7% accuracy in economic forecasting, Dr. Alan Beaulieu, president of ITR Economics, identified the risks to be aware of and the opportunities to take advantage of, in his highly anticipated return engagement.

Cincinnati has a skilled labor shortage, and the power to turn it around. The audience heard from policymakers, community organizers and business owners who are looking at the problem through fresh eyes, removing structural and cultural barriers to keep the workforce pipeline full.

January 2017

Four very different business owners shared how they use design thinking techniques to solve their customers' problems, create innovative solutions, and disrupt the market to grow.

Explore the essential elements that are critical to living an extraordinary life - apart from your business - while taking control, getting others on board, and making change happen on your own terms.


November 2016

This luncheon explored how to reduce family stress by preparing for the worst.


October 2016

This overview breakfast was an introduction piece for business owners and emerging leaders who are considering enrollment, or who are enrolled, in our Next Generation Institute.

Attendees learned how our panelists grew revenue by rethinking their strategies and creating multi-channel distribution networks.

Take the mystery and confusion out of your financial statements during this Aileron-developed workshop.

Community engagement is one of the 10 Best Practices of family and private businesses. This program showcased the many causes embraced by our core members.


September 2016

Family and privately owned businesses account for more than half the nation’s total employment, new job creation and Gross Domestic Product. To honor these enormous contributions, the Goering Center presents the Family and Private Business of the Year Awards

Attendees learned how to attract and retain top talent by building the right culture and compensation plans.


August 2016

Participants explored Aileron's Professional Management System, learning how they can put it to work for their business.

Build your brand, acquire young, top talent and tackle tough business issues by tapping into the resources available through the Lindner College of Business. Leverage your Goering Center membership to open the door to a new world of opportunity.


July 2016

Why did the city's new professional men's soccer league choose to set up shop in an already crowded sports market? The research tells a fascinating tale about Cincinnati's power to attract.


June 2016

This event at the Cincinnati Reds' Great American Ball Park is the perfect way to celebrate and honor the impact family and private businesses make on our growing economy.


May 2016

Attendees were enlightened on how to create a lasting communication structure in a family or private business.

Five market presidents addressed the macro-economic and lending environment that impacts our region’s family and private businesses.


April 2016

  • 4/7 - Interpreting Your Financial Results

Participants learned how to take the mystery and confusion out of financial statements in this Aileron-developed workshop.

Stuart Aitken, CEO of 84.51°, shared how big data, and your data, can inform your business decisions.


March 2016

Participants learned how to build a foundation of trust through good communication and other culture building blocks.

A panel of intrapreneurs shared how they received the family backing they needed to launch innovative new ventures.


February 2016

Three local companies gave a behind-the-scenes look at how they put their resources to work for their B2B and B2C customers.


January 2016

Dr. Linda Gravett shared about the most recent research around each generation; how they communicate and how they want to be treated.