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To demonstrate its commitment to this region’s future generation of leaders, the Goering Center will honor one “Rising Leader” at its annual Family and Private Business Awards beginning with the September 12, 2017 gala.

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Rising Leader Semi-Finalist Bios


July 2017

Seth Parker, Director of Melink Geo and Solar at Melink Corporation, is the Rising Leader for the month of July, making him the last Semi-Finalist for the 2016-2017 award season. Seth is being recognized for advancing the best practice of Dynamic Business Strategy at Melink.

Seth joined Melink Corporation directly from graduate school to help start and grow their new Geothermal HVAC business.  His peers describe him as a dynamic individual, since he has led sales efforts to grow the business, has performed “hands-on” engineered design and project management services and has helped develop new products and services relative to Geothermal HVAC.

“The work Seth and his team are doing today will lay the foundation for years of exponential growth.  Most important to us is that we revolutionize and mainstream the Geothermal industry.  I have no doubt we will accomplish these objectives as a result of collaborating with rising leaders such as Seth.”

- Craig Davis
President | Melink Corporation


June 2017

Zach Burns, President at The Motz Group, has been selected as the Rising Leader of June, 2017. A Goering Center panel of judges selected Zach for his work in Leadership Development.

Zach joined The Motz Group nine years ago as a field consultant in training. TMG identified Zach as a high potential employee from the start, and he jumped into the “trenches” to learn the business from the inside out. This attitude and commitment helped foster the organizational development Zach needed to prepare the business for ongoing expansion. As a result, the company’s revenue has more than doubled under his leadership.

“Due to his willingness to immerse himself into our frontlines Zach became intimately familiar with the what, why, and how our secret sauce is delivered. From this foundation he moved our organization from having been formerly led by our operational capacity, to that of our business development capacity. This fundamental change has resulted in an ever growing list of new heights.”

- Joe Motz
CEO | The Motz Group


May 2017

Greg Middendorf, Partner and Wealth Adviser at Hengehold Capital Management, is May’s Goering Center Rising Leader.  Greg has been nominated and chosen for his efforts advancing HCM’s Dynamic Business Strategy.

When the team met to craft the six month strategy, Greg helped to generate ideas among the team and facilitate conversation. He is supporting execution of the plan at Hengehold. This plan developed when the firm completed the Goering Center’s Next Generation Institute.

“Greg helped design and implement The HCM Strategic Plan, and communicates it effectively to our team members and clients. By combining his listening skills with proactive and high-frequency client contact, Greg helps our clients gain confidence about their financial well-being.”

- Michael Hengehold, President,
Hengehold Capital Mangement


April 2017

Brandon Tackett is Vice President of Slice of Stainless. He is recognized as a Rising Leader Semi-Finalist for his work advancing one of the 10 Best Practices of Family and Private Businesses – developing a performance management system.

Brandon implemented S.M.A.R.T. goals and monthly reviews for every employee, put into place weekly and monthly progress huddle meetings to share information, and managed an expansion project to double the size of the warehouse on time and on budget.

"Brandon achieved the best year for financial performance in the history of the company in 2016.”

- Jim Schneible, General Manager
Slice of Stainless


March 2017

Angie Fischer's role at Curiosity Advertising is Vice President of Client Services. She is awarded Rising Leader for March because of her work developing a dynamic business strategy.

Angie crafted a three-year vision and strategic plan, entitled "Curiosity 20/20." If success metrics are achieved, the plan will double the agency's revenue by 2020, and it also details five core pillars of the agency.

"I work closely with Angie, although we’re not related (everybody asks that). She helped us understand that a lot of our processes that worked when we were 50 people, had to change when we had 75 people. Her knowledge, experience, communication abilities, business savvy – all of it was a huge plus as she led this process for us."

- Matt Fischer
President & Chief Creative Officer
Curiosity Advertising


February 2017

Chase Daoud served as District General Manager at LaRosa's Pizzeria for five years, and now serves as Chief Operating Officer. Chase is awarded Rising Leader for February in the category of Business Growth which he achieved by advancing the culture of customer service at LaRosa's and analyzing and applying data to provide solutions at various LaRosa's stores.

"Chase helped facilitate a profit growth in Florence of 127% in 2016 by focusing on getting food and labor costs in line. Chase has also developed a reputation where everyone feels comfortable coming to him with any questions and concerns. He has helped develop a culture where the team members help each other to help the customer."

- Tarik Daoud
President & CEO | Data Management dba LaRosa's


January 2017

Amanda Shults serves as President at RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders. Named Rising Leader in the category of Performance Management, Amanda converted their company’s 22-member team to a performance-based compensation model. As a result, the RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders team knows where they stand in the big picture of the business’ goals and dreams. While messing with predictable and comfortable would be scary for many, with Amanda’s leadership the team embraced this foundational change.

"Amanda has been a true leader in every sense. We have had off the chart employee engagement reports, won best places to work in Cincinnati, Best workplaces in Ohio by Ohio Magazine, and Best for the World (workers) internationally from B-Corp. Goals are met and on target in every area she has in her responsibility.”

- Jonathan Theders
CEO | RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders


December 2016

Sarah Grace Mohr is the Operations & Communications Director at Mackey Advisors. Our judges selected Sarah Grace as the Rising Leader of November for her demonstrated success advancing one of the Goering Center's 10 Best Practices - Performance Management System.

"Grace has owned this area in the firm. She champions and coaches for our annual evaluation process, which has been converted to an annual coaching plan with monthly updates. She also has fostered a culture focused on our values and mission that surpasses any we have had in the past."

- Mackey McNeill
President & CEO | Mackey Advisors


November 2016

Rob Clippard is the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. Our judges selected Rob as our first Rising Leader for his demonstrated success advancing one of the Goering Center's 10 Best Practices - Dynamic Business Strategy.

"For the first time in its history, Clippard has a strategic plan and can commence focusing on growth markets while continuing to serve the traditional markets that have driven its success for 70 years."

- John Campbell
President | Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc.



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