Frank Wood



Frank Wood has both a PhD in clinical psychology (a licensed psychologist) and has worked with the Goering Center as a Family Guide for the Next Generation Institute for two years. He realizes the impact of what he calls “productive communication” in the transition of any business as well as the need for communication in the day to day demands of running a family owned business.

Frank's skillset is not in the details of running someone's business, but in enabling family owned business owners to effectively transition their business to the next generation. One prior client of his shared that working with him both helped him run his business and “save his sanity.” For the family owned business that wants to enable the next generation to lead with confidence, Frank may be the right Transition Guide.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Communication (20 years of experience)
    • Supporting the ability to communicate clearly, set boundaries, establish accountability and improve the net end of leadership communication.
  • Culture (10 years of experience)
    • Enhancing a family owned business leadership's ability to engage employees and management within the structure of their business.
  • Family Transition Planning (10 years of experience)
    • Improving the end goal of transitioning family owned businesses to the next generation while preparing the leaders who are transitioning the business to find confidence in their next generation of leaders.

Industry Experience:

  • Consulting (10 years of experience)
    • Supporting the family owned business in the soft side of their business focused on leadership development, employee morale, accountability and the leading of a business.
  • Sales (10 years of experience)
    • At the end of the day, sales is a matter of enabling the sales team to effectively establish relationships with clients, suppliers, and inside support with an end being bottom line revenues.

Contact Information:

Frank Wood, PhD
Work: (513) 448-4076
Cell: (513) 846-2241