Why Try LDI?


Goering Center
January 2017

Julie Highley, Senior Vice President, Horan Associates, needed a solution. When she started in a new leadership position, it also came with the need to learn new skills to help her team grow. Her solution? Enroll in the Goering Center’s Leadership Development Institute (LDI).

LDI is an 11-session, half-day workshop, running March 8 through November 8 of 2017, hosted at the Goering Center at Usquare, just off of the University of Cincinnati’s main campus. The institute is offered in partnership with Leadership Excelleration, Inc., a Cincinnati consultancy that provides comprehensive development in the areas of executive coaching and leadership development, organization effectiveness, and talent management.

In session for more than 10 years, LDI provides a powerful learning environment that is challenging, interactive and practical for leaders or emerging leaders. Here are three benefits someone can expect to gain from enrolling in LDI.

1. Be Challenged

LDI features Diane Egbers and Brent Carter, two expert presenters with a combined 30 plus years of leadership experience. The presenters know how to ask the tough questions – are you aware of the habits that hinder your interaction with others? Do you have accountability and commitment with your employees? Participants are challenged and encouraged by the presenters to become more effective leaders.

2. Interact with Others

Interaction is a key element to the LDI experience, both with the instructor and others attending. Group workshops are combined with practical assignments to ensure workplace application after each session. Participants also often connect with other Goering Center members, from a variety of industries across the Tristate, aiming to stay in touch well after graduation.

3. Apply Yourself

LDI is practical. Filling the brain with leadership concepts is a wasted effort if it isn’t matched by application that can impact others and yourself. A variety of leadership skills and techniques are experienced to maximize self-awareness, learning and impact. All that to say, time spent in LDI pays off.

The format proved successful for Julie Highley.

“At first, I was concerned about the time commitment.  Meeting often seemed intense considering the new responsibilities I was facing. I quickly realized the Institute was the best use of my time in order to develop the skills necessary to be successful in my new role,” Julie said.

Julie Highley went on to complete LDI, and she discovered her management style, learned about servant leadership and today applies her skills with her team.

Hone the leadership and management skills your business needs now, by enrolling in the Leadership Development Institute. To learn more, call our friendly Membership Director, Steve Hater, at 513-702-8311.