Peerspective (Goering Center Roundtables)


Goering Center
February 2017

“You need to do that!” Cincinnati businesswoman Elizabeth Barber was stopped mid-sentence with this advice, when she introduced the idea of bake-at-home dog treats to her Roundtable. One year later she has launched her business, Whisk & Wag, and is now running an online store. “The Roundtable has really become like a support system, think-tank, and like a little incubator,” says Elizabeth.

The first Goering Center Roundtable started in 2008. Today, there are 15. The program has grown quickly because Roundtables provide what other networking or affinity groups can’t – balance. Goering Center Roundtables provide a confidential setting to discuss personal and professional matters with others who are at similar stages of their lives, and in similar circumstances.

Most Goering Center Roundtable participants come from a family business background, and appreciate having an empathetic forum to discuss volatile issues such as succession and family relationships. Roundtable conversations aim to achieve better balance for the participants, between the professional, personal and family dynamics of life.

Goering Center Roundtables are a two-for-one deal: join and you become a member of both a Roundtable and the Goering Center. Roundtables meet monthly in settings convenient to the group and are coordinated by a professional moderator who will often bring in guest speakers to address identified topics of interest. A discretionary fund is provided for each group to spend as they choose – on enrichment experiences, or fun…like dinner out.

Most importantly, Goering Center Roundtables are a “safe haven,” free from solicitation and always confidential.

“My Roundtable has really challenged me to be more professional,” Elizabeth says.
“One of the women in my roundtable has raised her four kids, and to have the perspective of what it looks like to have a family and a career has been valuable for me to see that and see the long-term of where I’m headed.”

Participating in a Goering Center Roundtable is a special experience, providing better balance, opening more doors for growth and potentially impacting business strategy.

To get involved with a Goering Center Roundtable or to learn more, contact Membership Director Steve Hater at 513-556-7896 or