August 2017

How to Trust Administration of a Trust

Tom Schiller, CPA, Plante Moran

Trust administration and estate settlement can be daunting. It’s one thing to accept this position of honor in theory - it’s another to carry out the myriad of responsibilities at hand. So what’s the best option? Family member? Trusted advisor? Professional trustee?

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Value Drivers - Key Elements in Family Business Exit and Transition Planning

Crystal Faulkner & Chuck Stevens, Partners, MCM CPAs & Advisors

For many business owners with an eye on retirement or partial transition out of the company, their company is their largest asset. Regardless of how an owner intends to transition (and there are many options), they will be better off if they can maximize their company’s value.

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Should A Business Lease or Buy Its Facility?

Eric Joo, Chief Operating Officer, Schueler Group

Almost every business is confronted with this dilemma at some time, and it’s amazing how many times I’m asked to perform a financial analysis to determine the best course of action. Ironically, we all also get pulled into conversations discussing whether it’s best to own or lease a car, purchase a home or rent an apartment, and even what stocks to buy. Hmmm…

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Opportunities for Success: Transforming Family Business into Generational Wealth

Joe Davis, Associate Principal, MLA Companies

In closely held businesses, one of the most difficult experiences is the transfer of the business from one generation to the next.  There are many opportunities to transfer the business successfully; however, there are also many opportunities to squander what has been built. 

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