October 2016

Balance What?

Larry Grypp, President of the Goering Center

Work-life balance. We hear that everywhere. Sometimes as an aspiration, sometimes an admonition, sometimes a lament.

Clay Mathile, the legendary CEO of Iams and founder of leadership institute Aileron, spoke last fall at a Goering Center luncheon and was asked by an audience member how one can maintain work-life balance in a world where the boundaries between the two seem all but erased, if not even penalized.

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Unity Needs a Compelling Path Forward

Scott Liston, Strategic Advisory Principal of MLA Companies. 

Like anything else, a family owned business can either serve as the source of unity to the family, or it can lead to the devastation of whatever unity was left.  Unfortunately, the business news is full of the latter and becoming the former is a matter of careful strategy, planning, and execution. Certainly, letting these issues “take care of themselves” is only asking for trouble, and not just business trouble, but relational trouble that may exist well beyond the life of your business.

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Employee Ownership: Is an ESOP Right for Your Company?


"ESOPs can be a great way to help incentivize employees through participation of company ownership, with potentially no out of pocket costs to the employees, while also creating a market for private company stock,” says Mills Snell, a partner at Pendleton Street Advisors, a business advisory firm dedicated to helping owners transition their business.

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