High Performance Starts With the Leader

Diane Egbers

Diane Egbers, Owner, Leadership Excelleration, Inc.
March 2016

For over 12 years, Leadership Excelleration, Inc. has partnered with the Goering Center to bring Leadership Development (LDI) to their members.  Together, we realize that the strength of an organization and the key to building a culture of high performance begins with the leadership team.

Last year, Gallup released a survey on the state of the American manager. 
They found that only 30% of employees are engaged at work and the manager accounts for a 70% variance in employee engagement.

Gallup’s survey confirms that managing a team is not the same as effectively leading and engaging a team.   Their survey also reported that only 35% of employees at the management level feel engaged at work.  That’s not good!  We need to motivate our leaders in order to engage our teams.

Developing and empowering leaders produces a trickle-down effect.  The first step in the development process is to recognize what style of leader you are.  This is one of the first things we do in LDI.   Through assessments and workshops, we identify your strengths so that you will understand the best approach to effectively engage your team.

As a leader, recognize that employee engagement doesn’t equate to high performance; it’s a small subset.  Just because your employees are showing up and doing the work doesn’t mean they are fully vested in the culture.  Here are some indicators to consider:

  • Are you able to retain your top talent?
  • Are you consistently obtaining your goals?
  • Is there leadership continuity?

To determine if you are creating a high performing work culture, assess your team and ask the following key questions:

  • Is the team aligned to the vision and mission?
  • Is the team actively engaged and involved?
  • Do you create consistency and an environment that can easily adapt to change?

Throughout the Leadership Development Institute we provide the tools to address these considerations, which results in developing strong leaders who generate high performance cultures.

Over the next several months, I’m going to break down the components in my monthly blog.  Follow along at www.lei-consulting.com.