March 2016

A Perplexing Question

Larry Grypp, President of the Goering Center

“Are you ready?”


When it comes to leadership succession in a family business, that’s the central question — but to whom does it apply?
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How Dads Can Prepare Their Daughters to Lead

Amy J. Katz, Ph.D., President, Daughters in Charge

Fathers who own family businesses are realizing that their daughters have the potential to be their successors.  If you are a father who is grooming a daughter to take on a leadership role in your business, the following suggestions may help:
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Phishing Emails and Other Cyber Security Threat Preventions

Rick Maxwell, President & CEO, Full Service Networking

We recently held a program for the Cincinnati community entitled, “IT Security for the Small and Middle Market”.  This program offered an overview of current cyber security threats, along with IT best practices and insurance solutions to reduce and transfer organizational risk.

An FBI special agent from the cyber security division of the Cincinnati office presented an overview of the current cyber security challenges that are facing area businesses, nonprofits and K-12 schools.  Unfortunately, no one is immune to the evolving data security threats. 
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High Performance Starts With the Leader

Diane Egbers, Owner, Leadership Excelleration, Inc. 

For over 12 years, Leadership Excelleration, Inc. has partnered with the Goering Center to bring Leadership Development (LDI) to their members.  Together, we realize that the strength of an organization and the key to building a culture of high performance begins with the leadership team.
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Your IRA Has Potential For Good

Susan Ingmire, President, Ignite Philanthropy Advisors

Ready to step up your giving?  In December 2015, President Barack Obama signed into law a permanent IRA Charitable Rollover provision, locking into the tax code a tax-advantaged avenue for older Americans to make charitable gifts of up to $100,000.  
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Surrender, Sell, Exchange, Readjust

Terence L. Horan, CLU, ChFC, President & CEO, HORAN

Winston Churchill had it right in some cases. When it comes to life insurance, the best advice may be: “Never Surrender.” Many of us have life insurance policies that may no longer seem useful.  
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