January 2016

With a Name Like Smuckers, It Has to be Good

Larry Grypp, President of the Goering Center

It’s one of the most endearing and enduring slogans in advertising history. From when founder Jerome Smucker started selling his apple butter back in 1897 out of his cider mill in Orrville, Ohio, to four subsequent generations of family leaders who have propelled the business to one of the largest of its sector in the world, it has always been Smuckers. 
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The Worst Question a Salesperson Can Ask

Joseph Abbott, J L Abbott, LLC

“What’s keeping you up at night?”  This one question is probably asked by more sales people in a given day than any other.  But while it seems innocuous-maybe even the right thing to ask a customer-it’s a question that simultaneously prevents sales while also destroying customer loyalty.
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Contingency Plans for the Family Business

Henry Hutcheson, President, Family Business USA

What would happen to your family, your business and your wealth if you were to become incapacitated right in the middle of this sentence? What would happen if you actually died? Who would be responsible for what, and does everyone know not only their responsibilities, but everyone else’s? What would happen to the ownership of the business?
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Liability Protection: What is the Right Limit?

Moira C. Gettens, AAI, Oswald Companies

How does one protect their business as well as personal assets from a third party lawsuit? Buying an Umbrella insurance policy with a sufficient limit to cover you in the event of a catastrophic loss is the best answer. Liability is one of company’s largest exposures when it comes to an insurance claim.
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