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The CEC Mentor Network includes over 100 representatives of small, medium, and large businesses spanning dozens of industries in the tristate area. Students reach out to CEC Mentor Network members; receiving feedback, advice, and counseling.

The Center welcomes volunteers from a variety of fields to support its programs and events and the businesses, entrepreneurs, faculty, and students we serve.

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Who volunteers? We are recruiting competent professionals of ethical character with expertise in all areas of business, entrepreneurship, engineering, banking and finance, industrial design, prototyping, manufacturing, law, among others.  A minimum of 3 - 5+ years of experience is required for most volunteer opportunities. 

Who benefits if I volunteer? The Center coordinates a university and city-wide network of mentors that help faculty and students from across all colleges at UC. Strong demand comes from entrepreneurial faculty and students from the Lindner College of Business (LCB), College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS), Design, Architechure, Art, and Planning (DAAP), and the College of Medicine (COM) in particular, though volunteers will be available to serve faculty and students from all UC colleges participating in Center programs.

This volunteer program is coordinated in cooperation with other UC departments and programs that are providing support for entrepreneurship. The shared purpose is to increase the number of opportunities for internal and external accelerators, incubators, and investors as well as to facilitate job creation by increasing the number of startups and viable technologies coming out of UC.

Why volunteer? Our volunteers find their interactions with high energy UC student and faculty entrepreneurs very rewarding!  Volunteering provides you an opportunity to give back and to share your own expertise. It gives you a firsthand view of fresh ideas and new technologies being developed at UC. The spirit of entrepreneurship is growing and flourishing at UC. We are receiving excellent support from the business community, the Cincinnati entrepreneurship ecosystem including local accelerators and incubators, and private individuals interested in supporting faculty and student entrepreneurs. Registering as a volunteer will allow us to connect those that want to provide help with those that need help to become successful entrepreneurs.

What will I do as a volunteer? Our volunteers motivate faculty and students to plan and launch businesses and commercialize innovative technologies, coach them on strategies to facilitate their success, and connect them with knowledge, resources and contacts that will enable them to launch promising startups that accelerate economic development in our region.

We will tailor your volunteer involvement to suit your personal schedule and needs. Registering as a mentor is simply a show of interest. We will contact you directly to confirm your availability and our need.

Specific volunteer functions include:


Competition Judge

Competition Mentor

Competition Team Mentor

Course Mentor

Course Team Mentor

Venture Launch Mentor

Venture Launch Mentor

Faculty Mentor

Faculty Entrepreneur Mentor

Sounding Board

Sounding Board

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

When Will I Be Needed? Once you have registered as a volunteer, we will contact you as suitable opportunities arise that match your interests and expertise. You will be free to accept or decline these opportunities based on your availability at the time. We want to tailor your volunteer commitment to suit your schedule, so that volunteering with UC is a win-win for you and the entrepreneurs, faculty, and students served.

For questions, please contact Dr. Thomas Dalziel or the CEC.