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Contractor vs. Employee
Should you hire a contractor or employee for the job?

Human Resources
Payroll Setup
Learn the 10 steps to setting up a payroll system for your business.
Basic Rules for Hiring
Learn the basics to apply before you hire an employee.
Recruiting Employees
Learn about how to recruit and hire best employees for the job description.

Writing a Job Description
Tips and strategies for constructing the perfect job description.
Hiring Your First Employee
What you should know when hiring your first employee.
Employee Benefits
Find employee benefits your business is required to offer.
New Hire Reporting by State
The steps you should know for new hire reporting by state.
Terminating Employees
Tips for terminating employees in various situations.
Insurance Information
Important insurance requirements for employers to comply with in their business.
Recruitment and Retention
How to navigate employee recruitment and retention in your business.
How-To Maximize Employees
Identify skills and links employees to teams to maximize their potential.

Online Course How to establish culture within your business.
Online Articles
Covers various topics for effective ways to manage employees.
Cultural Traits Article Covers the three must-have cultural traits for a healthy working environement.

Online Guide for Buying and Selling Receive/compare quotes from a variety of sources to help find the best options of office equipment, services, software, etc.

SWOT Analysis Template

Job Analysis Worksheet
Organization Chart for Chief Operating Officer
Event Planning Checklist
Business Management Guide