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Accounting Basics Database
Learn general accounting teachings and terminology.
Free Online Teaching Coach Helps you learn bookkeeping, financial, and managerial accounting at no cost.

Financial Documents
Financial Statements Basics
Learn how to prepare financial statements on assets, liabilities and net worth, and equity.
Cash Flow Analysis Learn how to prepare a cash flow analysis for everyday operations and loan elegability.
Break-Even Analysis
Learn how to prepare a breakeven analysis to determine when your business will be able to cover all its expenses and begin to make a profit.
Savings Plans
Learn how to develop savings plans including contingency and long-term savings, tax breaks, retirement savings and much more.

Getting Paid/Collections
30 Minute Online Course This course provides an introduction to accounting
Estimating Startup Costs An online guide to determining the amount of seed money necessary for one-time costs and on-going costs to help you decide whether they are essential or optional expenditures.
Online Payment Services
This link explains how online business services allow business and consumers to exchange money electronically over the Internet. With an online payment service, your business can receive payment from virtually any customer with an email account.
Credit/Debit Payments Pros and cons of accepting credit and debit cards as forms of payment.
Check Payments Pros and cons of accepting checks as a form of payment.
Credits Extending credit to customers allows them to purchase something now and pay for it at a later date.
Credit Management Tips to ensure positive cash flow by managing business credit.

Federal Tax ID Obtain federal business tax ID for the government to identify a business entity.

Tax Obligations Understand federal tax obligations to run your business legally.
Tax Obligations
Understand state tax obligations to run your business legally.
Tax Year
Determine when your tax year starts to always keep statements in order.

Business Insurance Basics Business insurance protects your investment by minimizing financial risks associated with unexpected events.
Insurance Types Resource Guide to understanding the different types of business insurance for a small business to choose from.
Buying Insurance What you should know when buying insurance.
International Insurance The U.S. Government offers U.S. companies insurance for both export transactions and for the political risk associated with overseas investments as a part of international insurance and risk mitigation.
Additional Insurance Resources
Here are additional resources for understanding and selecting business insurance.

Accounting Software Reviews Top 10 ranked Accounting Software Reviews
Aria Accounting Software Acquire more customers and manage revenue/payments while receiving real-time analytics
Online Payment Platform Online platforms that allow businesses to accept and manage online payments

87 General Accounting Forms/Templates
12 Month Cash Flow Template
12 Month Profit and Loss Projection Template
Financial Projections Template
Startup Expenses Template
Opening Day Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet (Projected) Template

Bank Loan Request for Small Businesses
Break-Even Analysis Template
3-Year Cash Flow Statement Template
Financial History and Ratios Template
Personal Financial Statement Template
3-Year Profit and Loss Projection Template