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The Technomentorship Establishment


The Technomentorship Establishment fortifies students of UC to physically manifest their business ideas into real-time companies by bolstering them in every aspect and step of scaling a start-up company.

  • We focus especially on the set of variable needs that engineers and technopreneurs need to tackle to reach the “establishment of company” stage.

  • We map students with faculty from various departments in all of UC’s 15 colleges who act as mentors (as a part of The Bearcat Incubator program) in specific areas of their expertise.

  • We create exposure to Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Federal and State funding and all other UC and non-UC funding resources.

The Technomentorship Establishment is led by a talented
and high energy group of elected student leaders.

President - Vinitha Thiyagarajan Upaassana - thiyagva@mail.uc.edu, 513-886-6751
Vice President - Adam Zust - zustaa@mail.uc.edu, 513-399-2337
Treasurer - Abhijeet Barua - baruaat@mail.uc.edu, 513-510-8256
Secretary - Darpan Verma - vermadn@mail.uc.edu, 513-293-8437

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Chong Ahn: ahnch@ucmail.uc.edu
Thomas Dalziel, PhD: dalziet@ucmail.uc.edu

*Please include Vinitha in all communications to the exec team

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TME Email: TMEatUC@gmail.com

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Twitter: @UcTME
Instagram: tmeatuc