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Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

The graduate certificate in Entrepreneurship encompasses 12 semester hours total (8 semester hours required and 4 semester hours elective) that include but are not limited to the following seven conceptual and applied areas:

  • Developing Individual, Corporate, and Social Ventures
  • Analyzing New Venture Finance
  • Marketing the New Venture
  • Securing Competitive Advantage
  • The Role of Technology in Entrepreneurship
  • Global Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation, Validation, and Strategic Planning

The graduate certificate in Entrepreneurship is designed to encourage students to think beyond the typical focus provided through foundational knowledge in a specific discipline such as engineering, medicine, political science, etc. and to expose students to a multi-disciplinary approach.  Given the complex interdisciplinary nature of business today, students and businesses are challenged more than ever to expand thinking not always covered in traditional ways of presenting knowledge. This can include issues such as integration of management and business practices, economic, political, and regulatory constraints to business practices, differences in customer and market characteristics, etc. This is particularly true as students face increasing complexity associated with either starting a new venture, engaging in intrapreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and/or move into more senior managerial and administrative roles to advance their career. The certificate program:

  • Prepares UC students to leverage their technical, clinical, or creative background for success in the world of new, corporate, and social ventures.   
  • Integrates managing individual and organizational performance in an entrepreneurial context.
  • Assists students in developing cross-disciplinary management skills.
  • Allows students to be more competitive in both the creation of new ventures as well as in today‚Äôs job market and to accelerate career-enhancement opportunities.

The certificate consists of 12 semester credits, three core courses (totaling 8 semester credits) and 1-3 elective courses (totaling a minimum of 4 semester credits). 

Core (8 semester credit hours required):

Course #

DescriptionCredits (Semester)
ENTR 7005Entrepreneurship New Venture Creation
ENTR 7089 
Entrepreneurship & Strategy Implementation (Capstone)3
MGMT 7035Management of Innovation2

Electives (4 semester credit hours required):

Course #

DescriptionCredits (Semester)
Leadership and Organizations2
ENTR7015Entrepreneurship & E-Commerce3
MKTG7021Design Thinking for Business2
ENTR7025Global Entrepreneurship
ENTR7081Independent Study
Special Topics1-6
INTB8003Study Abroad Chile: Doing Business in Chile2
ENTR7082StartupUC Student Incubator1-6

The electives listed above represent a typical, but not exhaustive, set from which most students will choose.  Additional courses may be identified, created, or offered to enhance the program offerings.

Students can also choose from other courses offered by Colleges across campus to match specific interests. Students will, however, need to fulfill pre-requisites for any courses they choose to take.

Students may be permitted, with the approval of the Program Director, to substitute an appropriate course from within their discipline. There will be a limit of 2 credits on non-business courses that can be counted towards the Certificate.

For more information, contact Dr. Thomas Dalziel, Executive Director, Center for Entrepreneurship Education & Research, at ecenter@uc.edu, or by phone 513-556-7133.