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Performing Arts (Dance, Music, Theatre)

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Performing arts is a diverse field that includes many possible careers. For the area of dance these include a choreographer, dance instructor, dance therapist, director, fashion model, professional dancer, and stunt performer. In the area of theatre, one can be an actor/actress, arts educator, director, drama coach, drama critic, drama teacher, playwright, producer, prop manager, stage manager, stunt performer. In the musical fields, one can be a technical writer, arranger, choreographer, college instructor, composer, music coach, musical composer, music director, music producer, music teacher, orchestra conductor, professional musician, and technical writer.

As highly creative individuals, performing arts majors often play many roles over the course of their careers. You may choose to perform, train, teach, promote, organize, manage, or mentor other performers. Taking entrepreneurship classes helps many performers learn the skills to promote themselves, manage people, and grow their own businesses. When taking entrepreneurship classes, you can learn to write business plans, which incorporates all business functions (e.g., accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, operations, and sales); gain knowledge of digital entrepreneurship and e-commerce, which can enable you to develop and market online training content; and acquire the skills required to successfully manage and grow your own business. Performing arts students that double major or minor in entrepreneurship get a well-rounded education and the ability to set themselves apart from other performing arts graduates in the job market.


As a performing arts student that studies entrepreneurship you can pursue careers:

a. Stage manager
b. Dance/music academy proprietor
c. Partner in a startup production business
d. Owner of a local theatre company
e. Self-employed performer, instructor, or choreographer
f.  Independent publisher of instructional videos/software/training materials


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