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Real Estate

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The field of real estate includes the buying, selling, and renting of land, commercial properties, residences, etc. Real estate majors join real estate companies (starting as analysts or brokers) or non-profits supporting affordable housing. They work for corporations that own and/or finance real estate, or service companies like brokerage companies, investment banks and trusts, and various consultancies. Many of these roles are highly entrepreneurial. Though real estate professionals may be affiliated with large organizations, they are often expected to create their own businesses within them. They are entrepreneurs and "intrapreneurs".

Entrepreneurship courses at UC are helping real estate students accelerate their career success. The business planning and management techniques, negotiating skills, financial planning, and cross-functional understanding developed in the entrepreneurship minor are highly applicable in many areas of real estate. Planning techniques from entrepreneurship courses help brokers develop personalized strategies for their clients. Analytical skills honed in entrepreneurship help students emerge from UC as game-ready analysts. Management-level consulting experience offered to students through the entrepreneurship program sharpens professionalism and enhances real estate majors’ ability to serve as consultants to future clients.

Real estate students that include entrepreneurship courses among their breadth of knowledge (BOK) elective classes get a well-rounded education and the ability to set themselves apart from other real estate graduates in the job market. There is substantial demand for real estate professionals that understand entrepreneurs and the needs of their small/medium sized businesses. Researchers report that 90-95% of businesses are small/medium sized and these businesses create nearly 70% of new jobs each year in the USA.


Real students that minor in entrepreneurship may pursue careers:

a. Brokering real estate,
b. Consulting in real estate consulting firms,
c. Working as real estate analysts,
d. Managing non-profits (social entrepreneurship) involved in affordable housing, or
e. Starting real estate ventures of their own (e.g., investment, services).


Real estate students that have studied with entrepreneurship faculty consistently report above average classroom experiences that are relevant to their careers in real estate.

"The skills I learned from entrepreneurship faculty at UC have proved to be an invaluable asset to my career. I am able to consistently develop a strategic plan for my clients."

Katie J., CBRE

"Techniques and tools taught in my entrepreneurship minor immediately applied… Now I am able to utilize these methods in my everyday career and am constantly exploring new business ideas everyday. I have always considered myself entrepreneurial, but the UC curriculum has modified my perspectives on businesses to think creatively and constantly explore opportunities to succeed."

Mike, A., Cantor Fitzgerald

Student Videos
To watch videos featuring the successes of UC real estate students who double majored or minored in entrepreneurship, click the links below:

Michael Arnovitz, CCRE

Click here to apply to the entrepreneurship minor.

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