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The discipline of marketing involves market research and consumer behavior (studying the preferences of customers), market segmentation (identifying relevant groups of consumers), branding (establishing meaning and value associated with products/services), marketing channels (connecting with consumers), advertising (communicating meaning and value associated with products/services), promotions (highlighting special offers aimed at building awareness, generating revenues), sales (persuading consumers to make purchases), and customer relationship management (maintaining ties with consumers to generate loyalty).

All fields within marketing need professionals who understand how the various functions of business work together (e.g., cross-functional skills). In addition to being technically competent, successful marketing professionals are cross-functional thinkers who integrate their work into all departments in order to create value for customers.

Entrepreneurship courses are helping marketing majors to differentiate themselves through the development of these cross-functional integration skills. These helpful skills are core to entrepreneurship, because all entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs need to integrate all business functions to grow their businesses. Successful managers use these skills every day. Entrepreneurship courses at UC are helping marketing students develop the managerial decision-making skills they need to become the marketing managers of tomorrow, by providing opportunities for them to interact with and consultant to managers of businesses in and near Cincinnati. Marketing students that include entrepreneurship courses among their breadth of knowledge (BOK) elective classes get a well-rounded education and set themselves apart from other marketing graduates in the job market.

There is substantial demand for marketing professionals that understand entrepreneurs and the needs of their small/medium sized businesses. Researchers report that 90-95% of businesses are small/medium sized and these businesses create nearly 70% of new jobs each year in the USA.

As a marketing student that studies entrepreneurship you can pursue careers:

a. Working in business development (an important marketing function in companies that have aggressive market expansion plans)
b. Helping established companies launch innovative new product lines,
c. Working for marketing consulting firms that support small/medium sized businesses,
d. Working in marketing to gain experience for 3-5 years and then starting your own entrepreneurial businesses (e.g., boutique market research companies, promotions businesses, marketing consulting firms, advertising companies, among others)
e. Contract consulting to entrepreneurs and other businesses (e.g., helping entrepreneurs and family business owners develop their marketing strategies),
f. Climbing the promotional ladder and becoming CMO or VP of Marketing of a small/medium sized business, or
g. Starting/Joining a startup business in a strategic marketing role.


Student Recommendations
Numerous marketing students that have studied with entrepreneurship faculty consistently report above average classroom experiences that are relevant to their careers as marketing professionals.

"Having a dual degree in entrepreneurship and marketing has been core to my ability to succeed."

Jenn H., P&G

"At dunnhumby, I’m frequently tasked with strategizing ways to deliver projects on time, in scope, and within budget. Through my learning with entrepreneurship faculty, I’ve been recognized as someone who challenges thinking and discovers opportunities to make processes more efficient, effective, and collaborative."

Rachel B., dunnhumby

"The case study format used by entrepreneurship faculty grew my ability to think strategically. This gave me a solid foundation to excel in a career within marketing organizations that value the entrepreneurship mindset."

Kat C., Emnos

"The debates I partook in as a student in entrepreneurship classes gave me an outlet to test my theories of what would and what would not work in the real world. Eight years after graduating from UC I own and operate a multi-million dollar company that is continuing to grow at a rapid rate."

Dru R., Popular Ink

"My experience as a marketing major, and entrepreneurship minor at UC is pivotal to my career.  The program was the spark that ignited my interest not only in business, but how to make strategic decisions that engender success."

Jon M., Sapling Learning

"At Nielsen, I search large data sets for insights that help our clients reach their strategic goals. By studying with entrepreneurship faculty, I learned how firms and new ventures build and execute strategies and how consultants can tailor their projects to specific clients. This made me immensely more effective at understanding my client's objectives and delivering insights tailored to my client's needs.”

Ty W., Neilsen

Student Videos
To watch videos featuring the successes of UC marketing majors that double majored or minored in entrepreneurship, select the links below:

Jennifer Hacker, Co-Founder, Stiletto Dash


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