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International Business

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The field of international business includes understanding international cultures, globalization, international trade and transactions (e.g., mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing, alliances), international human resource management, international supply chain management and marketing, and global strategic management. International business and entrepreneurship students have a lot in common: they relish new experiences, appreciate diversity, and effectively manage the change and ambiguity that are inherent in new environments.

There is growing demand for students that understand both entrepreneurship and international business. Increasingly companies are “born global”; that is from inception they transact with international suppliers and/or support international customers. Many family businesses and entrepreneurial ventures need skilled employees with the ability to navigate an increasingly global marketplace. Established corporations engaging in entrepreneurial activities (e.g., innovation, venturing into new geographic markets) need professionals that understand both corporate entrepreneurship and international business.

Entrepreneurship courses at UC are helping international business students develop the cross-functional understanding and managerial decision-making skills they need to become the international business professionals of tomorrow. International business students that include entrepreneurship courses among their breadth of knowledge (BOK) elective classes get a well-rounded education and the ability to set themselves apart from other international business graduates in the job market.

There is substantial demand for international business professionals that understand entrepreneurs and the needs of their small/medium sized businesses. Researchers report that 90-95% of businesses are small/medium sized and these businesses create nearly 70% of new jobs each year in the USA. More and more of these businesses are becoming international.

As an international business student that studies entrepreneurship you can pursue careers:

a. Working for small/medium sized businesses that have international customers/suppliers,
b. Working in a small/medium or family business to gain experience for 3-5 years and then starting your own international / entrepreneurial businesses
c. Working in established companies to support entrepreneurial endeavors (e.g., business development, assessing, selecting, and venturing into foreign markets),
d. Consulting to entrepreneurs and/or companies on how to internationalize their businesses,
e. Starting/Joining a startup business in an international expansion role.


Student Recommendations
International business students that have studied with entrepreneurship faculty consistently report above average classroom experiences that are relevant to their careers.


“Studying with entrepreneurship faculty at UC has been crucial in my development as a business professional and my success at a large multinational. Learning how to evaluate business opportunities and understand trends in the market has helped me to succeed in my current role as a consumer and market strategist.”

Mark R., P&G

“Studying with entrepreneurship faculty at UC has been pivotal to my success in a fast-paced, constantly changing industry [healthcare] where business leaders must make strategic  decisions based on changing economic conditions, governmental regulations, technological growth, and increasing globalization every day.”

Andrea R., CCHMC

“Because of my experiences with entrepreneurship faculty at UC, I have not only been able to surpass expectations at Amend Consulting but also have leveraged my strategic planning and client management capabilities to significantly benefit all firms who choose to utilize our services.”

Samuel G., Amend Consulting



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