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Industrial Management & Operations Management

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Industrial management (IM) and operations management (OM) attract technically minded individuals who like to engineer and optimize processes in both manufacturing and service settings. The fields of IM and OM include project, process, supply chain, logistics, and inventory management as well as quality control. IM and OM students go on to take positions as production managers, manufacturing engineers, supply chain managers, process engineers, and project managers.

IM and OM positions facilitate entrepreneurship (e.g., innovation and commercialization) in both new and established businesses. To be competitive, businesses are constantly innovating. No matter their age or stage, they engage in entrepreneurship, which directly impacts their operations. They need project and process managers to create and oversee new processes for the manufacturing/delivery of innovative new products and services. They need manufacturing engineers to adjust manufacturing, supply chain managers to reconfigure the supply chain, and project managers to manage important aspects of new product launches. Companies of all stages and sizes undertaking entrepreneurial activities need bright individuals that understand IM or OM and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship courses at UC are helping IM and OM students set themselves apart from other university graduates. In entrepreneurship courses, IM and OM students develop a strong cross-functional understanding of how all areas of business work together to engage in entrepreneurship including new product design, funding, sourcing, manufacturing, sales, and marketing, etc. Equipped with this cross-functional understanding, these students are well equipped to participate in managerial decision-making and to lead innovative companies. Several entrepreneurship courses give students real-world experience developing strategies for managers of businesses in the Cincinnati area. IM and OM students that that include entrepreneurship courses among their breadth of knowledge (BOK) elective classes get a well-rounded education and the ability to set themselves apart from others in the job market.

Researchers report that 90-95% of businesses are small/medium sized and these businesses create nearly 70% of new jobs each year in the USA. There is substantial demand for IM and OM professionals that understand entrepreneurs and the needs of their small/medium sized businesses. There is also meaningful demand in larger businesses working to remain competitive by undertaking entrepreneurial activities.

As an IM major or OM major who is minoring in entrepreneurship you can pursue careers:

a. Leading process change in highly innovative and entrepreneurial companies,
b. Working for operations consulting firms that support small/medium sized businesses,
c. Contract consulting to entrepreneurs and other businesses (e.g., helping entrepreneurs and family business owners develop manufacturing, supply chain, inventory management, and quality control systems),
d. Designing/improving processes for entrepreneurial franchises expanding their operations,
e. Climbing the promotional ladder and becoming COO or VP of Operations of a small/medium sized business, or
f. Starting/Joining a startup business in an industrial management role.


Student Recommendations
IM and OM students that have studied with entrepreneurship faculty consistently report above average classroom experiences that are relevant to their chosen careers.

"Entrepreneurship relates directly to what you do in industrial management (e.g., developing innovative processes) and allows you to look at it from a different perspective. Entrepreneurship faculty helped me to develop an innovative mindset which has given me an edge in industrial management."

Joe R., US Marine Corps

"Entrepreneurship faculty went beyond my expectations.  The passion, work ethic and integrity were very evident and motivating."

Justin B., Milacron

"There is no doubt that the entrepreneurship program at UC helped set me apart from my peers within the OM job market. My ability to present clear and concise ideas and to think and respond on the spot were both greatly enhanced thanks to entrepreneurship courses. This has allowed me to be more than just a task employee, and has lead me to the managerial position I have today.”

Mike B. General Cable

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