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There are a variety of fields within finance including corporate finance (helping businesses to manage debt and equity, futures, foreign currencies, etc.), personal finance (helping individuals to manage their wealth and prepare for retirement), portfolio management (trading and managing portfolios of stocks and bonds), banking (investment, commercial, and retail banking), and entrepreneurial finance (raising of capital for entrepreneurial ventures), to name a few.

In addition to being technically competent in finance, successful corporate finance managers (e.g., CFO, VP Finance) are cross-functional thinkers. They often start out as analysts providing managers with key data and meaningful insights that guide decision-making, and contributing to documentation that informs a mix of stakeholders including employees, investors, government, bankers, suppliers, and others, so they need a well-rounded cross-functional perspective. Personal finance advisors/investment brokers work in highly entrepreneurial settings. They grow their own client list/business by helping individuals manage their wealth (e.g., adjust their stock/bond portfolios) and prepare for retirement. Commercial bankers are responsible to evaluate the loan applications of entrepreneurs and small/medium sized business owners. They need to understand the entrepreneur's vision in order to make prudent decisions on behalf of their bank. Venture capitalists scrutinize business plans, invest in high growth ventures and provide strategic consulting support to these businesses to accelerate their success. They prepare entrepreneurial companies to go public with the help of investment bankers who facilitate initial public offerings (IPO's).

Entrepreneurship courses at UC are helping finance students develop the cross-functional understanding, entrepreneurial drive, and strategic decision-making skills they need to become the finance professionals of tomorrow. There is substantial demand for financiers that understand entrepreneurs and their small/medium sized businesses. Researchers report that 90-95% of businesses are small/medium sized and these businesses create nearly 70% of new jobs each year in the USA.


As a finance major that studies entrepreneurship you can pursue careers:

a. Working in small/medium size investment firms,
b. Helping to manage portfolios of high risk/return entrepreneurial ventures for investment companies (e.g., mutual fund companies),
c. Climbing the ranks of commercial banking* in various roles such as analyst, loan officer, branch manager,
d. Working for venture capital firms* that make investments in high growth potential entrepreneurial businesses,
e. Building your own businesses as a personal finance advisor* by representing financial products companies to individuals,
f. Consulting to entrepreneurs (e.g., helping them to prepare financial projections in their business plans),
g. Climbing the promotional ladder and becoming VP Finance or CFO of a small/medium sized business, or
h. Launching or joining brand new businesses in finance roles.

Student Recommendations

Finance students that have studied with entrepreneurship faculty consistently report above average classroom experiences that are relevant to their careers in finance.

“The real world time management skills I developed with entrepreneurship faculty at UC have placed me in the top tier of productivity among analysts in our firm for two years running.”

Todd M., River Road Asset Management LLC

"UC's entrepreneurship classes were the turning point in my transition to becoming a game-ready entrepreneurial professional. The entrepreneurship faculty get the credit – not only did they provide me with the tools needed to be confident and ‘dangerous' in all things entrepreneurship and small biz management-related, but they challenged with respect, pushed my thinking, and provided real opportunities for growth and development. I use the things I learned from them every day!"

Dan C., Alpine Investors

"After becoming aware of my success with regional and national business plan and consulting competitions accessed through entrepreneurship courses at UC, Johnson's senior management asked me to co-lead a strategic analysis team that delivered actionable recommendations that are now incorporated in the firm's strategic plan."

Charles R., Johnson Investment Council

"UC's entrepreneurship faculty helped me understand what it takes to build a business and work for a start-up company. I now work for Cardlytics, an Atlanta based start-up company, that works with banks across the country (Regions, PNC, Bank of America, etc.). I also founded my own part-time small business and we were profitable in under 6 months!"

Jeff B., Cardlytics

"The teaching methods used in entrepreneurship courses at UC equipped me with key skills in problem-solving, strategic management and new venture creation. As a result, I was able to confidently dive into an online travel venture and compete at Stanford's Business Plan Competition."

Robel K., Jeffries

"The strategic thinking I cultivated with entrepreneurship faculty taught me to analyze business issues from a multitude of perspectives; an important skill when dealing with clients from various industries. This coursework brought structure to my way of thinking which played a big role in my being accepted to the MBA program of my choice."

Upasana T., Tata Capital

"Studying entrepreneurship at UC was the jumping off point for my passion in business. The entrepreneurship capstone gave me the real world experience necessary to become a well-rounded entrepreneur. I am now confident in my ability to create financial projections, launch websites, and manage all of the material assets of a new startup."

Jordan B., Ashlee

Student Videos
To watch videos featuring the successes of UC finance students who double majored or minored in entrepreneurship, click the links below:

Daniel Cremons, Alpine Investors (Video: How Studying Entrepreneurship Accelerated My Success)

Daniel Cremons, Alpine Investors (Video: An Orientation to Venture Capital)

Dan Kellogg, Co-Founder, Crystal Venture Funds (Video: Working With Venture Capitalists)

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Address questions to Professor Thomas Dalziel ("Dr. D"), a career advisor in Career Services, or an academic program advisor in the Undergraduate Programs Office, as needed. We're here to help you!