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Communication (Graphic) Design

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The field of communication design teaches students skills in a wide variety of mediums. Graphic communications encompasses all phases of the graphic communications process from origination of the idea, including design, layout, and typography, through reproduction, finishing and distribution of two- or three- dimensional products or electronic transmissions. Someone could be designing print work or websites, or someone could design applications or motion work. In this field at UC, you learn all about storytelling and branding. Graphic communication is essential to any business. Communication desingers have career opportunities in advertising, branding and corporate identity, digital product design, exhibit design, interface design, motion graphics and post-production design, package design, service design, user experience design, and web design. 

Because of this, communication designers need to understand how various business functions work in order to create better value for their customers. Communication design students that include entrepreneurship courses among their breadth of knowledge (BOK) elective classes get a well-rounded education and the ability to set themselves apart from other communication design graduates in the job market. Professional communication designers build careers wherever communication is important. Through entrepreneurship classes, they could have a better understanding of organizations they work in, and may have a better chance at launching successful brands and businesses. Many communication designers do freelance jobs, and gaining skills in entrepreneurship may help them to complete these jobs better. If they wanted to start their own consultancy or help people with their own business goals, skills that may be especially useful include learning how to design a business plan, which incorporates all business functions including accounting, finance, human resources, information systems, law, marketing, operations, research and development, sales, and supply chain. They also may gain important managerial skills that will help them to succeed in any business endeavor.  Overall, a communication designer may gain exposure to business relevant materials and skills that may make them more hireable.


A communication design major that studies entrepreneurship may pursue careers:

a. Doing freelance branding for customers who are starting businesses
b. Supporting product lines through brand work in large organizations where knowing how the business functions would be beneficial
c. Starting a company and knowing who or what functions to hire on to support you
d. Learning management skills that will allow you to accelerate through an organization


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