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Architects design, produce, and modify buildings that are useful, durable, aesthetically appealing, and responsive to the demands of their physical and social environments. Interior design professionals develop the interior spaces of buildings in order to meet the physical, psychological, and social needs of the individuals that use/inhabit them. In these ways, architectural and interior design professionals contribute to the businesses, governments, and families they serve.

Many architects and interior designers explore the idea of launching their own firms after graduating from UC. A valuable step in this career path is to include the study of entrepreneurship in your program while at UC. Doing so enables you to prepare to launch your own new venture upon graduation or after you have gained a few years of work experience.


By studying entrepreneurship, you will be able to develop important skills and experience:

a. Assessing your personal readiness to launch and manage your own business
b. Launching a revenue generating small business in a classroom environment
c. Estimating customer demand and the potential of a market for your services
d. Forecasting revenues, expenses, and cashflows
e. Assessing the health of businesses, business opportunities, and industries
f. Exploring the nature of family businesses and learning how to contribute to them
g. Managing relationships and consulting to real world clients/customers
h. Designing new venture plans including all business functions (e.g., accounting, finance, information systems, law, marketing, operations, research and development, sales, and supply chain considerations)

By entering your career with these business skills in hand, you will be equipped to assess the business health of prospective employers enabling you to make wise career decisions. You will have the skills necessary to launch a side business to earn extra income and add variety to your career. You will be prepared to successfully plan and run your own architecture business. You will also be better prepared to serve entrepreneurs and the needs of their small/medium sized businesses. As 90-95% of businesses are small/medium sized and these businesses create nearly 70% of new jobs each year in the USA, there is significant demand for professionals that understand both architecture and entrepreneurship/corporate entrepreneurship.


Student Recommendations
Architecture and interior design students that have studied with entrepreneurship faculty consistently report above average classroom experiences that are relevant to their careers.

“It would be in anyone’s interest who takes learning seriously to learn from the entrepreneurship faculty at UC.”

Chris W., CoolGraySeven


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Address questions to Professor Thomas Dalziel ("Dr. D") or an academic program advisor in the Undergraduate Programs Office, as needed. We're here to help you!