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The field of accounting includes several branches: auditing (assessing company-wide compliance with proper accounting procedures (GAAP)), financial accounting (preparing financial statements for managers to share with bankers, regulators, suppliers, etc.), managerial accounting (preparing financial statements to facilitate managerial decision-making), and tax (preparing tax filings for the Internal Revenue Service which demonstrate compliance with the Internal Revenue Code).

All areas of accounting need accountants who understand how the various functions within a business work together, as well as the external environment in which the business operates. In addition to being technically competent in accounting itself, successful accountants are cross-functional thinkers who accurately assess the status of entire businesses. They provide managers with meaningful insights that guide decision-making, and documentation that informs stakeholders including employees, investors, government, bankers, suppliers, and others.

Entrepreneurship courses at UC are helping accounting students develop the cross-functional understanding and managerial decision-making skills they need to become the accounting professionals of tomorrow. Accounting students that include entrepreneurship courses among their breadth of knowledge (BOK) elective classes get a well-rounded education and the ability to set themselves apart from other accounting graduates in the job market.

There is substantial demand for accountants that understand entrepreneurs and their small/medium sized businesses. Researchers report 90-95% of businesses are small/medium sized and these businesses create nearly 70% of new jobs each year in the USA.


As an accounting major that studies entrepreneurship you can pursue careers:

a. Working for accounting (CPA) firms that service small/medium sized businesses,
b. Working in accounting to gain experience for 3-5 years and then starting your own businesses (e.g., an accounting practice of their own or another entrepreneurial startup)
c. Consulting to entrepreneurs (e.g., helping them to prepare financial projections in their business plans),
d. Climbing the promotional ladder in accounting and becoming controller of a small/medium sized business, or
e. Joining entrepreneurial startup businesses in accounting roles.


Student Recommendations
Accounting students that have studied with entrepreneurship faculty consistently report above average classroom experiences that are relevant to their careers as accountants. Here’s what they say:

"I feel better prepared to serve my clients because my entrepreneurship courses at UC allowed me to apply the technical skills I had learned in my accounting courses to real-world business situations."

                            Hannah G., Barnes, Dennig & Co., Ltd. 

"I have been studying for the Business Environments and Concepts section of the CPA exam this summer, and have found that numerous tactics taught to me by UC’s entrepreneurship faculty are prominently featured. I definitely feel like I am 'ahead of the curve' on studying for these subject matters. I am sure future students with CPA aspirations would be interested to know this too!"

Brad S., Deloitte Tax LLP.

"I realized I learned just as much about myself and my abilities as I did regarding management, complex problem solving, and effective communication."

Jennifer S., Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

"Studying with UC’s entrepreneurship faculty has given me the missing piece that I have been looking for in my UC educational career."

Brien D., Cassady Schiller & Associates, Inc.

"Entrepreneurship faculty at UC redesigned my critical thinking process and taught me the skill of systematic decision making."

Jack H., PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

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