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2015 2 Column Inner

Recent National SBI Project of the Year Competition Winners

Company Name Rank Student Consultants
CET Connect 1st Place Rappach,Shannon/Phelps,Michele/Bellin,Jennifer 
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra 1st Place Cremons,Dan / Lutz,Greg/ McElroy,Megan
Daelia's Biscuits for cheese 3rd Place Foti,Chris/Hacker,Jennifer/Willis,James 
Fascinating Inc.  1st Place Bonifield,Tom/Bohrer, Ken/Sherry,Alan
Genomatix USA 1st Place  Abrinica,Marvin/ Blank,Derek/Edmonds,Thad /Lake,Teresa / Lautenn,Wendy/ Dr. Thomas D. Reed, Founder Genomatix USA
Graderaid 2nd Place Anderson MD,Burkett,Ashley 
HyTek Coatings, Inc.  3rd Place Fahey Tim,Mendenhall Michael
McAllister Mike
McGeady Brian
Perrin Duane
Matdan Corporation 1st Place Black,Neil /Brewer,Jordan / Pittinger,Jason/Rhinehart,Charles 
Reality Plus Clothing 2nd Place  Ahting,Linda/Aldridge,Jared/Prues,Carol/Salaam,LaTisha/Shah,Tapan/Sun,Gang
Rumpke 2nd Place Jon Cottrell, Jill Demboski, Narasimman LM, Dory Sanders, Allison Stepaniak, 
Thriving with Stress 3rd Place Alex Huron, Andrew Koesterman, Ian McManis, Amanda Meyer
Tri-State Plastics, Inc 1st Place Mark Exterkamp/Matt Sabo/Pranav Shah/Shane Smith/Lisa Schneider, Owner, Tri-State Plastics, Inc.
Winton Place Community Council 3rd place Ramsey,Sarah/Trautwein,Stephanie/Roesing, Chris