Business Advisory Council


The Business Advisory Council provides advice, counsel, and assistance to the leadership of the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. The Council includes a cross-section of business leaders from the Greater Cincinnati region and national business community, representing small, medium, and large companies from the public, private, and family-owned sectors. Council members are appointed to three-year terms.

Business Advisory Council meetings focus attention on the college’s progress and notable achievements, new initiatives and how they relate to business, challenges facing the academic and business community, and other areas of mutual concern. Members take an active role in Council deliberations, ultimately recommending actions that contribute to the quality of our programs and strengthen the school’s overall reputation. Members can also contribute by:

  • Educating others about the mission, objectives, and accomplishments of the college
  • Financially supporting the college
  • Volunteering for specific committees
  • Serving as guest speakers or lecturers
  • Offering individual consultation on specific problems within their areas of expertise
  • Hiring our students and graduates
  • Identifying new Business Advisory Council members


Business Advisory Council Members


Mr. Josef Allen (2016-2019)
Leader, U.S. Global Operations Center
General Electric

Mr. Peter A. Alpaugh (2006-2018)
Cincinnati Equitable Life Insurance Co.

Mr. Edward J. Babbitt (2006-2018)
Vice President and Senior Counsel
Western & Southern Financial Group

Mr. Walter W. Becky II (2009-2018)
Chairman Emeritus (Retired)
Morton International/Morton Salt

Ms. Lori A. Beer (2016-2019)
Chief Information Officer
Corporate and Investment Bank
JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Mr. John B. Berding (2014-2017)
American Money Management Corporation

Mr. Elroy E. Bourgraf (2006-2018)
Ferno Washington Inc.

Mr. Laurence F. Jones III (2017-2020)

Mr. Bill J. Keating Jr., Chair (2008-2017)
Keating Muething Klekamp PLL

Mr. Robert J. King Jr. (2006-2018)
Senior Advisor
FNC Corp.

Mr. Marvin P. Kolodzik (2006-2018)
Emerson Electric (Retired)

Mr. Dean Kuroff (2013-2019)
Managing Director, Communications, Media & Technology (Midwest)
Accenture Leadership Team

Mr. David M. Lance (2006-2018)
Restaurant Management, Inc. (Retired)

Mr. Louis H. Lauch Jr. (2006-2018)
KBM, Inc. and Moo Technologies LLC

Mr. Jerry P. Leamon (2006-2018)
Deloitte (Retired)

Mr. Craig S. Lewis (2011-2017)
Ironshore Pharmaceuticals America

Ms. Kathleen M. Selker (2008-2017)
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Tony L. Shipley (2006-2018)
Queen City Angels

Ms. Erin Sills (2016-2019)
CEO and Founder
Hunter Sills Racing

Mr. Gary F. Simmons (2008-2017)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Gerber Childrenswear LLC

Mr. Robert R. Buck (2006-2018)
Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc.

Mr. Kerry R. Byrne (2009-2018)
Total Quality Logistics

Mr. Phil D. Collins (2009-2018)
Managing Director
Orchard Holdings Group, LLC

Mr. Howard D. Elliott (2014-2017)
Elliott Management Group

Mr. Robert L. Fealy (2006-2018)
The Duchossois Group (Retired)

Mr. Timothy J. Fogarty (2010-2019)
Chief Executive Officer
West Chester Protective Gear

Mr. Michael L. Fordyce (2010-2019)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Craig Hospital

Mr. Michael R. Light (2008-2017)
Fidelity Investments (Retired)

Ms. Lynn Marmer (2015-2018)
Executive Director
The Child Poverty Collaborative

Mr. Kevin R. McDonnell (2009-2018)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Skyline Chili

Mr. Thomas E. Mischell (2007-2019)
American Financial Group (Retired)

Mr. Jerome P. Montopoli (2006-2018)
Andersen Worldwide (Retired)

Mr. Rick Naber (2013-2019)
LOTH, Inc.

Mr. W. Troy Neat (2012-2018)
First Vice President, Investments
Merrill Lynch

Ms. Jacqueline C. Neumann (2009-2018)
Deloitte LLP (Retired)

Mr. Roger Newport (2016-2019)
Chief Executive Officer and Director
AK Steel Holding Corporation

Mr. Kenneth W. Stecher (2009-2018)
Chairman of the Board
Cincinnati Financial Corporation

Mr. Richard E. Thornburgh (2008-2017)
Vice Chairman
Corsair Capital

Mr. Woodrow H. Uible (2016-2019)
Senior Portfolio Manager
Bartlett & Company

Mr. Steven J. Valerius (2010-2019)
President, Individual Division
Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.

Mr. Steven A. Wilson (2006-2018)
VNU Advisory Services (Retired)

Mr. Jerry L. Fritz
Kent Precision Foods Group

Mr. Gene A. Fugate (2007-2019)
Vice President
US Bank

Mr. John B. Goering (2006-2018)

Mr. Paul D. Green (2009-2018)
Partner, Tax Services
Ernst & Young LLP

Mr. Arnold C. Hanish (2010-2019)
Retired VP & Chief Accounting Officer
Eli Lilly and Company

Mr. Richard D. Hannan (2010-2019)
Mercury Instruments, Inc. (Retired)

Mr. J. Phillip Holloman (2014-2017)
President and Chief Operating Officer
Cintas Corporation

Mr. Steven P. Hube (2011-2017)
Managing Director
Barnes, Dennig & Company, LTD

Dr. Timothy E. Johnson (2006-2018)
Johnson Investment Counsel, Inc.

Ms. Clarissa A. Niese (2015-2018)
Chief Customer Officer
Tire Discounters

Mr. William C. Ogle (2013-2019)
Koupon Media

Dr. Terrance J. O’Hara (2008-2017)
Strategic Consultant
Author, Speaker, and Political Commentator

Mr. Michael J. Paxton (2006-2018)
Founder and CEO
MJP Growth Partners

Mr. David C. Phillips (2006-2018)
Cincinnati Works

Mr. Bryan Preston (2016-2019)
Senior Vice President
Fifth Third Bank

Mr. Douglas W. Roeder (2010-2019)
Managing Director and Leader
Financial Services Regulatory Practice
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Mr. Carl P. Satterwhite (2016-2019)
President & CEO
The RCF Group

Mr. Wilbert F. Schwartz, CFA (2006-2018)

Mr. Warren Weber (2015-2018)
Executive Vice President and
Market Manager, Corporate Banking
The PNC Financial Services Group

Mr. Mark R. White (2006-2018)
SAP AG (retired)


Ex Offico Members

Dr. David Szymanski

Dr. Nicolas Williams
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

Dr. BJ Zirger
Associate Dean for Online Education
Interim Assoc. Dean for Undergraduate Programs

Ms. Patty Ragio
Executive Director of Corporate Engagement

Mr. Stephen Rosfeld
Senior Director of Development

Mr. Trent Hershenson
Director of Marketing

Mr. Kevin Hardy
Director of Career Services

Mr. Scott Schuster
Director of Development

Mr. JaMarcus Hampton
Director of Development

Ms. Maria Keri
Business Officer

Ms. Adison Nelson
Associate Director
Diversity & Inclusion

Dr. Robert Larson
Dept. of Accounting

Dr. Debashis Pal
Dept. of Economics

Dr. Brian Hatch
Dept. of Finance

Dr. Ralph Katerberg
Interim Head
Dept. of Management

Dr. Karen Machleit
Dept. of Marketing

Dr. Michael Fry
Dept. of Operations, Business Analytics,
and Information Systems